A Little Inspiration


I don't know about you but when we have a rainy week I tend to get a little sluggish and unproductive, I think it is a combination of the dreary weather and the lack of fresh air.  I started doing what I call my little inspiration moments to start the day off on a positive note and try to carry the momentum through the day.

I guess you could say it is a theme to the day or a little reminder of what I actually have to be thankful for.  However you choose to see it is truly up to you.  Sometimes I print out a verse and put it on the fridge, coffee maker, or somewhere I go and every time I see it I remember to get back to the moment and just be!  It is easy to get side tracked with negative thoughts or waste time doing things that aren't helping you check those items off your to do list.

So here is my little inspiration for today, I hope you like it!

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