A Decal Is The Key To Self-Expression


Today, everything is about customization. The rise of technology has coincided with the coming of age of a generation that values individuality over conformity. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and the late Vine put the tools for self-expression in anyone’s hands. All you need to start sharing your best pics and thoughts is a smartphone like the new Pixel XL. But why limit yourself with just the content you can create on your Android? Why not customize the look of your phone, too?

A Decal Is The Key To Self-Expression

Your Facebook status and your Pinterest board aren’t the only ways you can indulge in your need for individuality. Decals, wraps, and skins are out there to help you revolutionize the look of your XL through the power of vinyl. The coolest Pixel XL skins are made out of 3M vinyl that can take on a variety of finishes and textures that put Google’s three color options to shame. Instead of limiting yourself to black, silver, and blue, you can express yourself with faux wood, stone, metal, carbon fiber, or leather textures.

Style isn’t the only thing you’re getting when you cover up the basic options with a customized layer of vinyl. 3M vinyl creates an air-tight barrier around your XL that protects the phone from daily wear and tear. A properly designed Pixel XL skin can help prevent:

  • All matter of scrapes, scuffs, dents, and gouges that can come from sharp objects and rough surfaces;
  • Dropping your phone, as the vinyl’s texture comes with added grip that makes it easier to hold than uncovered phones;
  • Water damage as the vinyl isn’t just air-tight — it’s water resistant too—saving its circuitry when you spill your Americano; and
  • Smudges and grime buildup, as the surface won’t show fingerprints like the Pixel’s original aluminum.

These added bonuses are reason enough to get a skin for your Pixel, but it helps that it looks as cool as it does while saving it from damage. Being individual now comes with long-term perks that will keep your XL safe wherever you take it. Embrace your need for self-expression. Before you make another post somewhere, make sure it extends to your brand new Android. Not only will your Pixel XL skin set you apart, it’ll ensure your smartphone lasts undamaged for as long as possible. Go online to check out the selection of decals available and find out which finish is your favorite.

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