A Day In My Shoes…


I got a good laugh from reading this old post so thought I would share it today to give you all a little insight into a day in my life.  The funny this is the routine is about the same now but Dustin no longer naps and he is a busy 2.5 year old now!  I bring you a day in my shoes from March of 2012!

I have had a few emails asking what a day in my life is like so I thought I would be nice enough to share it with all of you.  This is a typical Wednesday when Frank's at work…

  • 6 am – Get up, meditate, do my 7-minute workout, get organized for the day, start coffee!  I usually end up checking my email from bed and then the day always starts off on a bad note so trying to get out of that habit.
  • 6:30 – usually Dustin comes strolling out of his room or screaming for “Daddy” and I go in there to a disappointed 1.5 year old who only wants his Dad and nothing to do with me, so I just let him scream he's got to deal with it sooner or later
  • 6:50 – I try to throw on some clothes between getting Dustin some breakfast and making Cheyenne's lunch and getting her backpack ready for the day
  • 7 – Time to get Cheyenne up!  We then try to follow her morning routine which usually includes about 50 reminders from me and the good old, “if you don't hurry up you're gonna be late”
  • 7:45 wrestle Dustin to get him dressed and do Cheyenne's hair for her after fighting for 15 minutes on what she is going to wear
  • 8 – walk to school!  After I get Dustin buckled into his stroller we're off – round trip is about 20 minutes
  • 8:30 – Dustin is hungry again, of course he's a boy!
  • 9-10 – follow up on emails and make sure I have all my work priorities set for the day and I'm not going to miss out on anything – payroll, weekly paperwork, order, bills, book keeping, staff, events coming up in town, returning phone calls – usually the list is longer than I have time for in an hour but I cram as much as I can in.  If I find the time I check specials at stores and order new coupons.
  • 10-11 – Exercise!!  Doesn't normally take the whole hour but by the time I get Dustin set up and put some shorts on and throw in a dvd and fly at it with Dustin at my side that is, it usually takes up an hour.  Chug some water, have a shake and wait for Dustin to pass out.
  • 11:30 – usually Dust is asleep by now so I have a quick shower, dressed, make up and am ready to tackle some work.  But first, dinner!  Can't forget about that.  I usually throw something in the slow cooker and that takes care of it, I'll post my yummy tortilla soup recipe soon.
  • 1:30 pm – Dustin is usually up so no more work, on a good day I'll throw him in the stroller with a  snack and we'll walk to the mailbox and grab the mail then head over to pick up Cheyenne at school
  • 2:45 – home finally depending on how many fights we get into after schools sometimes we stay longer and they kids play on the playground or we are super pokey on the way home and I end up piggy backing Chey and pushing the stroller
  • 3 – snack time!  Momma empties back pack, usually to find spilled chocolate milk so end up washing the back pack
  • 3:30-5 – usually free time but that doesn't always involve me having free time, usually Dustin is bugging Cheyenne or he's getting in the way.  Can't wait until its nice out and they can play outside in the backyard.
  • 5 – Dinner!  We sit down like a semi-normal family and have dinner together, talking about our days and what we did to fill someone bucket today
  • 5:30 – I clean up the kitchen and get the dishwasher going then we usually play a game together
  • 6:30 – Bath time!
  • 7 – PJ's on and we read some books
  • 7:30 – Chey and Dust usually watch a show together and start settling down while I do the 5-minute tidy in the house
  • 8 – BEDTIME!!!  Finally I am going to get some quiet if all goes well which it doesn't, usually Dustin decides to stay up until Frank get home around 8:45 which means my work is put off until then.
  • 8:15 – if all went well time to do payroll, weekly reports, send in my weekly sales, and  finish off the week
  • 9:30 – if all went smoothly with Dustin going down and the paperwork – now I have some me time 🙂 which usually consists of sitting and staring at the wall to get some sanity back.  If I'm lucky I  watch some mindless tv, read a bit of a book, or just sit and relax.

So there it is in a nutshell, I feel like I am constantly on the go and not to mention the text messages I get from staff that you just want to answer “DO YOU HAVE A BRAIN” but then tend to go for the nicer response of “that probably isn't a good idea, how about this”.  And don't forget about the poopy diapers, doing laundry, keeping the floors clean, bathrooms, and the house in general.  And this is just the nice version I didn't add in the moments when I think I have lost all sanity and want to slam my head against the wall just to make it all go away!  Luckily with the month of meditation I'm doing it is giving me an easy “go-to” space to remind myself that I can choose my reaction in any given moment – which isn't always the case but I'm trying!


  1. That was awesome! That’s so how mommy life goes. I’m tired just reading all that 😉 lol. You should repost how a perfect day in a perfect life would go and compare 🙂 lol maybe a goal to work towards :):) 🙂

    • Great idea Jody, my perfect day would go pretty much the same except to actually get most of my work done during the day so I’m not doing a rush job at night and have more time to focus on promotions, staff contests, and other fun stuff! Also not getting frustrated so often would be a huge help! I believe that will all change a little when Dustin is a bit older and able to go for longer periods unsupervised!

    • Updated RSS feeds with feedburner, should work for you now. Please let me know if you are still having issues. Cheers!

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