90 Day Challenge Complete!


As I sit back and reflect at all that has taken place since I started this blog as an accountability journal for myself I honestly am amazed and what has come out of it.  Back in February I was lost in the every day routine and it took everything I had just to stay on top of my family and home life, let alone work.

The 90 days has been so much more than just a personal challenge.  I've made new connections with other busy Mom's and families out there, and I've reconnected with long lost friends!  I'm thankful for all that has happened in this journey and I am VERY excited about what the future has to bring.  A few of the things I wanted to share about my 90 days are:

  1. Making the 101 list was in all honesty the best move I have ever made!  It has given me that fire back and makes me strive for more on a daily basis.  It encourages me to dream bigger and reach further.
  2. I've learned when you make a decision you have two choices – either you do it or you don't  – and by defining how each outcome makes you feel it is the best way to connect with your core values and make sure you are acting from the right place.
  3. When I open myself up to change and being aligned big and powerful things happen in my life and in all honesty I'm unstoppable and the possibilities are endless.
  4. Every day we have the opportunity to have a fresh start, if at first you don't succeed try it again!
  5. Being ok with where I'm at is right where I want to be and what happens, happens.  Do I strive for more, yes but I don't want to be someone else I LOVE being me
  6. Setting weekly goals gives me something to work towards on a  daily basis and helps me keep aligned while lighting that fire inside!
  7. Meditation is a free tool we can all use on a daily basis to bring us back to the zen state we all want in our lives, I like to use it as a pause button between action and reaction!
  8. I've made healthier choices not only in eating but with daily activity and exercise and learned that it is ok to get off track once in awhile as long as I enjoy it!
  9. I have become lucky!!  I've started winning contests and products all the time, it may just be a coincidence but I think not!
  10. Even in the bad times there is always something good to come out of it we just have to choose to see that and believe in that.

The best part of this challenge is it allowed me to reconnect with myself and realize I am only 1 person and can't do everything.  In order to do that I had to start trusting people, I was let down numerous times and got really frustrated but I have no other choice if I want to keep my sanity I have to let go of some things to have more fun times with my family.

Watch for some amazing changes coming to my blog soon!! I have a site designer – Vanita at After Bedtime Blog!  A new logo!! And some freebies coming out plus I have an e-book in the works!  Look at me go!!

I encourage you to start living a life that if full of purpose and passion as an individual, Mom, wife, and entrepeneur!

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  1. I’m sooo proud of you and happy fir you!!!! It’s been inspiring to watch you grow these past few months and exciting to here all the great things that have come to your life in a short time! It makes me think if you can do it, so can I! Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to your book and more blog posts! Xoxo you should be so proud of yourself 🙂

    • Thank you Jody, it really means a lot to connect with real people and old friends just like you! xo I can’t wait to see what happens next, I’m just enjoying the ride 🙂

  2. girl you keep surprising me with these shout outs! Thank you! I truly appreciate them.
    It’s amazing the wonderful things that will come our way once we open ourselves to change.
    by the way, i loved learning to meditate in a moment! it totally rocks and has been working great for me. thanks so much for sharing OMM365
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