8 Health Benefits of Kissing Revealed


8 Health Benefits of Kissing Revealed

Kissing is a unique human activity that has commonly been known as a physical way to show affection to either a friend, a family member or  a lover.  This one activity has the active to be classified either romantically or platonically making it even more unique to humans across the globe. Despite the emotional connection most commonly associated with a kiss it has recently been suggested that a kiss can in fact have the ability to impact your overall physical health.

According to Andrea Demirjian, “a kiss a day really can keep the doctor away.” While this may seem foreign to others, below is a list of 8 health benefits:

1 – Kissing decreases your blood pressure

Are you struggling with high blood pressure? One of the greatest ways to decrease your blood pressure is to enjoy a kiss.  This kiss can either be on the lips or on the forehead. This one physical motion has the ability to help you dilate your blood vessels and ultimately lower your blood pressure.

2 – Kissing cures headaches

The same blood vessel dilation that helps decrease your blood pressure surprisingly has the same impact on curing headaches and also from menstrual cramps. This can especially good news especially for women who have for years been forced to take birth control pills in order to alleviate the pain associated with menstrual cycles.

3 – Kissing can help you burn calories

Yes, you read correctly. Kissing can actually help you burn calories. Instead of spending countless hours in the gym running cardio you should simply just consider engaging in a deep passionate kiss with your significant others. The benefits are the same and you won’t have to worry about getting hot and sweaty(unless you decide to take the kiss to another level).

4 – Kissing prevents cavities

According to recent studies when you kiss, the amount of saliva production in your mouth increases. This instantly leads to the washing away of plaque that could potentially lead to cavities. On the flip side it is recommended that you refrain from kissing those who have poor oral habits. This is because it has been proven time and time again that the bacteria that causes cavity can actually be spread through a kiss.

5 – Kissing lowers anxiety

If you have been struggling with anxiety you may be surprised to know that kissing also lowers anxiety. It lowers anxiety by decreasing the stress hormone called cortisol and then increasing the serotonin levels in your brain.  What’s even more surprising is that kissing has the same benefits that meditation has.

6 – Kissing can improve your immune system

700 is the magic number when discussing how many different types of bacteria can be found in the mouth of a human.  Because all oral germs are different, introducing new bacteria to your body isn’t always a bad thing.  In fact many studies have shown that having multiple bacteria germs in your mouth has been shown to correlate with good health.

7 – Kissing Can Fight Against Allergic Reactions

You probably never knew this but making out can actually help you fight off allergic relations. In 2006 an allergist studied 24 patients  who all dealt with various types of allergies. Each patient was tasked with listening to soft music for 30 minutes while also kissing lovers. After kissing those in this group show decreased signs of allergic reactions and symptoms.

8 – Kissing can delay aging

Gone are the days of being able to drink from the fountain of youth. A new study shows that you can now simply just make out with your partner. According to one doctor when you kiss your whole face has to get involved, this ultimately increases your elasticity but it also helps you stimulate collagen. What’s even better is that even more passionate kissing could lead to face firming. As one doctor put it, kissing is like a cardio workout for your face.


With all the health benefits associated with kissing are you now looking for your next makeup partner? Maybe or maybe not, but whatever the case may be kissing clearly has the ability to change your life in more ways than one.

What’s your favorite benefit of kissing? Leave your comments below.

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