7 Things You Should Teach Your Children Before they Turn 18


Kids! They grow up so fast, don’t they? At 18, even though they might seem like your babies still, they are pretty much fully-grown adults.

Make sure that you don’t leave anything out of the parenting process before they have the opportunity to spring the coop and leave the family home.

Here are seven important things to school your children on before they hit the big 1-8.

1. How to cook

Starting off our list is something that many parents simply don’t teach their children as they’re growing up: How to cook.

Once your children move away from home, they are going to be out in the cold with their cooking skills if you haven’t taught them anything beyond opening a packet of ramen noodles. You can start with the basics—dishes like breakfast scrambles, pasta, and meat and vegetables. This way, they will at least know how to prepare simple recipes when they’re away from home.

If they are interested in progressing to more exotic dishes later, at least they will have the basics covered once they bounce out the door.

2. How to check a car before a road trip

If you are always checking on the safety of your child’s car before any road trip that they go on, then this is an important step to note.

Checking a car before a road trip can ensure that the car stays free from damage and your child doesn’t run into any easily avoided trouble while out on the road. Car safety checks to go through before starting a road trip include checking the oil and water levels, as well as the tire pressure.

3. Online safety when making purchases

It goes without saying that you should be careful when surfing the internet. There are many scam artists, virus developers and fraudsters out there who would love to see you separated from your cash.

The best thing to teach your kids about is doing safe online shopping. You should teach your kids to read reviews of websites, products, and services before they enter their credit card details. This is whether they are shopping at sites like Amazon or eBay, small specialty stores, or even sites on the dark web like Dream Market (you can read more here).

When shopping online, it can often be better to shop local as you’ll be more familiar with acceptable product/service standards.

4. Budgeting

Learning to be smart with your finances is a bit of an art, but it’s still a very good one for your children to learn. Learning how to balance the books, including budgeting, can help to keep your child from falling into a financial hole.

It’s easy for your kid to run into money problems if they are spending more than they’re earning and they aren’t sure how to fix it. Luckily, there are plenty of budgeting apps to help them figure this out.

Many people also choose to use their own spreadsheets to document their finances.

5. What a healthy relationship should look like

While kids have to learn certain lessons for themselves, how you can influence them in their love lives is to inform and demonstrate to them what a healthy relationship looks like.

Partnerships that are fairly one-sided with one partner carrying the heavy load are unfair for sustained periods of time. Arguing all the time is not normal. You should encourage your children to date people that will make them a better person.

6. A musical instrument

Mother teaching daughter how to play guitar

While you might not be capable of teaching your child a musical instrument yourself, you should try and get them to learn a musical instrument while growing up. Being able to play an instrument, as well as read music, is a way to get the brain to think in a deeper way.

Neuroscientific research shows a correlation between higher cognitive ability and children who have a musical education. Learning a musical instrument can create lasting changes in the brain.

7. A bunch of card games

If it ends up that your child might go off backpacking to the far ends of the Earth once they fly the nest, then what they are going to need—aside from social smarts—are ways to stay entertained when there is no Wi-Fi and they want to make new friends in the areas they are visiting.

Learning a few fun universal card game can be a great way to get to know new people around the world, as it gives your kid an opportunity to show others a new game they may not be familiar with.Card games that are generally played globally include Rummy, Crazy Eights and, of course, Poker.


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