7 Reasons you Want your Kids to get into Sports


7 Reasons you Want your Kids to get into Sports


Sports provide many opportunities for kids that can be hard to find anywhere else. You may need to let them try a few different sports before you find one that works for them. Sports can teach children valuable lessons and set them up for success later in their lives.

Keep Them Active

With obesity on the rise, activity in sports is a fantastic way to keep kids active. You can help foster their love for physical activity by participating with them or taking athletics classes online that will help you learn about all aspects of sports.

Team Work

Learning to function as part of a team is an important lesson that will serve your kids well throughout their lives. In team sports, team members have to work together for a common goal. Your kids may also have to learn to work with someone they don't get along with, another valuable lesson.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Many sports require a specific skill set that your child may have to work to develop. If at first they don't succeed, they can learn to not give up on the first attempt. Becoming proficient at a skill takes time and practice.


As your child improves at their sport they gain confidence in themselves. Building strength, coordination, and friendship boosts your child's image and self-esteem. As their confidence grows, so will their willingness to work hard and try new things.

Building Relationships

Being part of a team builds trust and reliance on team members. It can also be a way for your child to make new friends with similar interests. Individual sports such as swimming and track also provide unique opportunities to build relationships. Your child can encourage other members from their school or club even though their own success or failure may not depend on these other team members.

Power to Win

Success can be a powerful feeling. Learning to win comes with the opportunity to learn about sportsmanship. When they win, it's a chance for you to point out that you must win with grace by shaking hands with the other team, acknowledging their efforts, and sharing the win with other teammates.

Learn to Lose

No one likes losing, but it is a part of life. Kids can learn to examine what they can do better the next time. It can also give them a chance to look for the things they did right instead of focusing on what they did wrong.

You want your kids to get into sports to have fun but it provides learning opportunities that go far beyond fun and games. They become stronger physically and mentally as they navigate the ups and downs of athletics.

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