7 Quick and Easy Tips For Eating Out on a Diet


Even if we're trying to eat healthier or we're on a diet we can still go out with friends and enjoy it.  Sticking to a strict diet and not indulging every now and then isn't fun for anyone.  So get dressed and get ready to go out because these quick and easy tips for eating out are going to help you enjoy a meal out while not feeling bad about cheating on your diet.

7 Quick and Easy Tips For Eating Out on a Diet

7 Quick and Easy Tips For Eating Out on a Diet


  1. Skip the chips, bread or other free starter on the table.
  2. Order only food you LOVE.
  3. When your meal arrives ask for a to go container and put half of the order in it BEFORE eating, that way you won't overindulge.
  4. Taste a little bit of everything then eat your veggies first, protein second and save the carbs for last.  This way if you don't finish your meal most of your carbs will come from healthy vegetables!
  5. Always ask for dressing on the side.
  6. Drink a big glass of water before you get your meal not only will you feel a little fuller but it will help you from over indulging.
  7. Bring along magnesium pills, I like Natures Way Magnesium, that way if you over eat it will help settle your tummy.

I always like to eat slowly while I'm eating out that way I can talk and eat and find I fill up faster and don't over indulge in the large portions restaurants plate.  Most of all remember you're eating out so have fun, enjoy the company and eat foods you love.


What's your best tip for eating out?

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