7 Great Home Decorating Tips for a Gorgeous and Professional Look


7 Great Home Decorating Tips For a Gorgeous and Professional Look

When you want to enhance the design of your home, it can be difficult to know where to start and know how to decorate it in a way that looks professional. Instead of simply relying on your eye, there are a few steps to follow for an upscale space that is chic and sophisticated. To feel confident with the interior of your property, there are a few tips to keep in mind when furnishing each room.

1. Add Wallpaper

Upgrade your beige walls with wallpaper that features a modern and bold print. Although you may think of an old cottage when wallpaper comes to mind, the look is now a current trend with home decor for setting the tone in certain rooms. Transform a small bathroom with wallpaper that has a large floral print or use it on an accent wall in the living room for a fun focal point that shows off a chevron pattern.

2. Use a Mixture of Metals

Gold may have been a popular choice of metal to use on bedside lamps or vases in recent years, but a mixture of metals is now a common trend. Don't be afraid to incorporate silver candlestick holders with brass hardware in the same space for a look that is more eclectic. Vintage metal items and furnishings also offer a unique touch for pieces that have more character and add plenty of charm to the home.

3. Place Candles in the Fireplace

Stacks of wood logs are expected to be found in the fireplace of a home, but one of the latest looks with decorating is filling the fireplace with various sizes of white candles that are grouped together. It creates a beautiful centerpiece in the room and is an unexpected detail that looks even more stunning when all of the candles are lit at night.

4. Install Window Shutters

According to Sunburst, window shutters offer a timeless style to any property and are also a functional feature that can block light from entering the interior space. The shutters also help to protect the windows from shattering in extreme weather. Install shutters for a charming effect and paint them a bold shade that stands out from the street.

5. Consider Marble Countertops

Granite countertops were seen in most homes in the last decade, but are now considered outdated and commonplace to the point where they've lost their appeal. A beautiful upgrade from the style is marble countertops, which work well in bathrooms and kitchens. They offer a classy look that is clean and refreshing due to the delicate design. Although marble easily stains, a great alternative for homes with young children is Carrara or Calacatta, which feature deep veins that are more dramatic and modern.

6. Add Banana Leaf Plants

Liven up the space and allow your home to feel airy by incorporating a few banana leaf plants in the living room or master bedroom. Banana leaf plants are bold and aren't afraid to crowd the corner of a room. The plant is easy to maintain indoors with a bit of sunlight and looks beautiful when placed in a wicker basket or a dundee floor planter.

7. Install Chandeliers

Chandeliers continue to remain a staple with professional home decor for a chic and regal style that adds a touch of elegance to the home. Instead of just hanging it in an entryway, consider installing an additional fixture in the laundry room or bathroom for a gorgeous touch that livens up the room and is completely unexpected with its placement.


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