7 Fun and Unique DIY Home Improvement Projects to do with your Kids this Summer


7 Fun and Unique DIY Home Improvement Projects to do with your Kids this Summer

Summer time is the perfect time to get closer with your kids. It doesn't matter if you have a teenager or a toddler whose birthday is just around the corner.

The challenge is finding activities that fit both your wallet and your child's skill sets. That is why do-it-yourself projects that take two sets of hands may be the perfect activities for you to perform with your child this summer.

Let's explore seven fun and unique ideas that will hopefully teach both you and your child some new things.

1. A Key Stash

When it comes to unique projects that both you and your child can use, key stashes are one of those things. They can be used when your child returns home from school or when you have misplaced your usual keys for the house.

All you need to make this project is a saw, a sander and a chisel. You can work with your child to carve out the insides of a thicker tree branch to make an ideal key stash.

2. A Simple Storage Box

When it comes to do-it-yourself projects, few are as accessible as simple storage boxes. These can be put together with minimal hardware and just a small amount of money.

The best part is that they're relatively easy to create. You only need some plywood, a sander, a saw and some nails. Anything you add is up to you or your child.

When you're done making this, your child can use it to store their toys or whatever else might be prone to laying on the floor.

3. A Chair

Chairs require little more than some planks and plywood to make, but they have the ability to be as fancy as you can imagine. This is why they're great projects to work on with your kids during the summer.

You may even expand this idea to include bigger and better chairs. You could work with your child to create new chairs for the entire dining room of your home.

4. Bird Feeders

No do-it-yourself list for kids and adults would be complete without bird feeders. The idea here is to make yours functional and unique.

For example, consider learning how to bend wood instead of simply making another box feeder. This can be a learning experience for both you and your child.

5. A Bench

Benches are just as great as chairs, except they can be used in so many more ways. You can design them as swings or as stationary seats. You can make them single-seat or give enough room for the entire family to use them on a cool summer's evening.

When you work with your child, ensure that you have the right supplies. Benches hold a sizable amount of weight, which means that the use of bolts and other supplies is advised.

Websites like http://www.wholesalebolts.com/carriage-bolts.aspx list the more popular carriage bolt designs with their respective uses. It's important to understand the different types of bolts to ensure that your projects are both sturdy and safe.

6. A Storage Step Stool

Most children under the age of four or five years will get a fair amount of use out of step stools, which makes them a no-brainer to make. It's when you add the ability to store items inside of them that they become even more useful.

A storage step stool allows your child to reach new heights while keeping their toys and other objects in one place. They're easy to build, which makes them a great do-it-yourself project.

7. A Swing

While not exactly a unique idea when taken straight from the box, swings can be customized to be intricate and unique. They can add to the aesthetics of your home, and they're not too difficult to make.

You can use chains or rope for your swings. Seats are easy to craft from wood or even metal. You'll give your child countless hours of fun when you work with them to make one this summer.

Building a Lasting Relationship with DIY Projects

Do-it-yourself projects are worth far more than what you make with them. They're a valuable learning experience for both you and your child, and they make it easy to form even tighter bonds.

Consider the seven projects listed above for this summer. If you can't finish them all, then keep some ideas for next year.

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