7 Day Challenge


I can't believe it my site is up and running, I'm still learning along the way but felt a challenge was in order!  Starting Sunday I challenge you to make these simple changes in your life each day and live in the moment and just see what happens!

1.  Get up 10 minutes early and do the quick 7 minute workout I talk about on the health page each morning!

2.  Start a journal – write in it at least once a day!

3.  Treat EVERYONE nicely, even those who are rude to you!  After all happiness is a state of mind and if you choose to project happiness you'll get it back.

4. By the end of the week have your 101 things to do in 1001 days complete!  Check mine out.

5.  Every night go to bed in a positive mood and think about the way you want to wake up and how things are going to flow smoothly and how you're going to ROCK the day!

6.  Appreciate something each and every day!

7.  Start loving you!  After all you are your best friend and how you feel and how others see you starts from within, love who you are!

I'd love to hear from you please send me an email or post a reply 🙂 .

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