6 Signs You Need Roofing in Wyandotte Michigan


Home repair and maintenance is usually at the top of every homeowner's list as the snow starts to melt and we move toward to warm summer season.  When the snow finally leaves your roof you might notice wear and tear from the long winter months, which might be the signs of bigger problems.  Let's take a look at the 6 signs you need roofing in Wyandotte Michigan.

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1 – Moisture Issues

Problems caused by excess moisture can not only affect the roof life but also your ventilation & heating, plumbing, electrical, and air-conditioning systems. Once water has entered your insulation, a reaction occurs that nullifies its effectiveness increasing your utility bill.

You might notice a damp, moist feeling within your home and in most cases, it is important that you take note and check your roof or call a professional who can do it for you.

2 – Bubbling Along the Roof

This is a sign I hope you never see, a bubbled roof, but if you do act quickly and contact Downriver Roofers for an inspection.  Bubbling is linked to moisture getting into the roof and walls where it builds up and chemically adheres to single ply and built up shingle roofing.

3 – Granule Accumulation with Asphalt Shingles

All asphalt shingles break down over time and result in decomposition and accumulation of small granules on the shingles and in the gutters as they disintegrate.  If you notice an accumulation near the bottom of your downspouts it is an early sign that your shingles need replacing.

Deteriorating shingles can compromise your roof and cause leaks that let in moisture which leads to moisture issues and bigger problems.

4 – Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is always a sign of structural issues that need to be addressed immediately.  Most of the time you will notice a sag near the middle of the roof but in some cases, you'll see it in other parts as well.

There are many causes of sagging like inadequate support under the shingles or swaybacked effect somewhere on the roof.  Sagging typically occurs during the winter months after a heavy snowfall.  If you're concerned about the weight of the snow contacting a professional to clear your roof and provide an inspection is your best defense.

5 – Loose or Missing Nails

After a winter storm or heavy winds you might notice nails strewn around, this is an obvious sign that you should have your roof inspected.  Missing nails usually leave a hole behind that could be comprised by wind, ice, dirt, and gravity.  A simple fix could include some patching which will possibly prevent a more costly problem in the future.

6 – Missing Damaged or Dislodged Flashing

Flashing helps direct the flow of water around openings preventing water from seeping into walls, deteriorating building materials, and causing structural damage.

The roof's flashing is an important part of stabilizing the structural integrity and ensure your roof is functioning properly.  Inspecting the flashing regular is a great way to stop water or debris from getting in and making your roof inoperable.  If you find any damaged, dislodge, or bent flashing having is repaired as soon as possible is extremely important.


Your roof provides you shelter and safety from all elements that's why it is important to maintain it to the best of your abilities and get regular inspections from a professional.  If you need help with roof repair or installation don't wait because the problem will only get worse and end up costing you more.  Being proactive is the best way to keep your home safe while saving you time and money.

Contact Downriver Roofers for your free inspection.

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