6 Reasons Why You Need Chocolate In Your Life


Everyone loves chocolate! In fact about 7.3 million tons of chocolate confections of different types sold by retailers to consumer are consumed around the world annually. This means that chocolate literally makes the world go ‘round. Here are six solid reasons why you need chocolate in your life.


Heart Health

There is an increasing pool of research suggesting that chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, can reduce your risk of heart disease, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Believe it or not chocolate really does come with cardiovascular helps and advantages!


Enhance Cognitive Abilities

There is also emerging research that suggests that moderate amounts of chocolate consumed on a regular basis may assist in enhancing certain cognitive abilities. Specifically, there is some evidence to suggest that eating moderate amounts of chocolate on a regular basis may work to improve your math skills.


The Sheer Pleasure of Chocolate

The fact is that life in the 21st century is marked by stress and strain for many people. Finding some sort of enjoyable respite is essential. One of the very biggest reasons why we need chocolate is because eating chocolate is enjoyable, delicious and a great way to relieve stress. With that in mind, the sheer pleasure of enjoying different types of chocolate confections does not give you a license to overindulge. However, the enjoyment realized from eating and drinking items containing chocolate must not be dismissed as trivial.


Chocolate at Breakfast

Some Europeans have long enjoyed chocolate as part of breakfast. Chocolate at breakfast, as an ingredient in different dishes or in moderate amounts on its own, is an ideal way to start the day. It can provide a spot of much needed energy. In addition, chocolate is a nice emotional pick-you-up as you prepare to meet the challenges of work and other commitments that you face on any given day.


Defense Against UV Rays

German research suggests that drinking beverages containing chocolate on a daily basis protected study participants from UV rays. Specifically, the study suggested that the extra flavonoids in chocolate resulted in study participants from being less effected by UV rays than a control group of people who did not consume this higher level of flavonoids. The chocolate beverages in this study were consumed in the morning.


Chocolate is Versatile

Chocolate is highly versatile, as is evident from the inventory maintained by Transmar Group. It comes in manner different forms and quality grades. It can be incorporated into many different types of food items and beverages. Although perhaps something of a cliché, it is also accurate to state that when it comes to chocolate, there literally is something for everyone.


Overall, chocolate is definitely a need now a days. We need it not only to keep us physically healthy, but mentally healthy as well.

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