5 Ways Your Family Can Take Advantage of the Cold Winter Weather


5 Ways Your Family Can Take Advantage of the Cold Winter Weather

There are dozens of great winter activities that are healthy, fun, and exciting. The best way to get rid of the winter blues is by planning a fun trip. Some creative thinking and research can reveal wonderful opportunities.

Cold weather RV travel

Cold weather RVing is a new sport that is appealing to families. People can go to Aspen to ski the slopes, to Maine to hike the numerous trails, or to Canada for ice skating. An excellent list of tips for cold weather traveling can be found at the FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association). A little research and proper weather preparation can get a family ready for a brand new adventure no matter what cold weather city they visit.

Visit a popular resort

Most resorts have spa facilities, recreational centers, banquet halls, business services, concierge services, and several forms of fitness rooms and courts. The best time, to visit a resort is during the winter holidays like New Year's and Thanksgiving. Local holiday celebrations are held around the resort with live music, fun activities, and special holiday meals.

Go for a mini-vacation in a nearby city

Larger cities sign up fine-dining establishments, hotels, and outdoor recreational centers to offer winter guests discounts on parking, lodging, meals, and more. Smaller cities often coordinate with local businesses so the entire town can participate in the festivities. Expect average price reductions in the range of twenty to fifty percent off during the winter months. There are other perks like free access to heated pools and game rooms.

Tour a famous destination

Spend time learning about the history of a sport or a recreational facility that is close to home. Pick somewhere that no one has been to before. After spending time indoors, the family can go skiing, ice skating, and snowshoeing to get in a workout and continue family time.

Renting snowboards

Renting snowboards is an excellent way to get families into safe cold weather exercise. Visiting places like Breckenridge for snowboard rentals during the winter months gives everyone a chance to get a great workout while snowboarding along with the experience firsthand without the cost of owning personal snowboards.

These five tips give your family plenty of options for winter. Taking time out for play is one of the easiest ways for families to reconnect. Finding low-key destinations is a great way to connect with each other while exploring someplace new.

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