5 Things Your Family Needs to Know When Looking for an Excellent Physician


5 Things Your Family Needs to Know When Looking for an Excellent Physician

Finding a physician for your various healthcare needs is a lot like dating. It can be an exciting and challenging prospect. You may have to interview and obtain information from a variety of physicians until you find one that blends well with your personality and needs. However, the process isn't as daunting as it seems when you have a good plan in place.

Check their background and specialty interests

Physicians go through rigorous training for licensing and the ability to practice medicine. Many of these physicians may go on to obtain fellowships and board certification in their practice. A good first step in looking for a great physician is searching for those physicians who obtained or may be seeking board certification in their specialty. You can also check the history of the physician's malpractice record and how long they have been practicing in a given specialty.

Don't be afraid of a second opinion

Sometimes it may take a few tries to find the best match for a physician. Ask several questions and go with your gut if the match doesn't feel right. Sometimes a second opinion may be necessary on medical issues. This can also help rule out the best physician for this issue.

How tech-savvy is their office?

Modern practices are quickly conforming to the best communication standards available. Does the office offer immediate feedback and a response system for patient care management? Systems like Solutionreach have secure and encrypted data management tools that practices use to engage with their patients. Engaging with patients through several methods is effective when medical issues arise.

Consider any referrals

Referrals can be an excellent resource for finding a physician. Be sure that these referrals are relative to the type of care you want and not as part of a kickback for someone else. The referral should be based on the best quality of care rating the provider can find in your case based on availability.

Narrow choices by healthcare need and network

Insurance is a very important factor as well when choosing a physician. A high quality physician will accept a variety of insurance programs and tap into your network for fast claims turnaround. Your health insurance network will usually have a list of physicians and providers that are covered by specialty.

Physicians are quickly learning that it's important to engage with patients and have plenty of resources available on their practice as possible. Finding out this information is half the battle when searching for an excellent physician. The other half of the challenge is matching bedside manner with personal healthcare needs according to their expertise. Following these tips can make that process easier.



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