5 Spring Cleaning Checklist Items That Are Often Forgotten


Performing both seasonal and annual property-maintenance can help to minimize the need for further upkeep and repairs throughout the coming year. With so much that needs to be done, even the most important tasks can easily escape notice. From touching up the lawn and landscape to swapping out your air filter, you might want to double-check to ensure none of the following items have gone overlooked.


Spring can often be the perfect season for landscaping maintenance, upgrades and other projects. Planting early enough to ensure that you won’t miss out on any flowering plants that may bloom later in the season can make quite a difference. A few modest upgrades can help keep your home looking great all year long.

Power Washing

Renting a spay-washer can allow you to take on a wider range of cleaning, maintenance and upkeep chores. Sediment, staining and other deposits may permanently discolor or even damage materials if left in place for too long. A quick power washing can return fences, decks and even exterior siding to its original glory.

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Roofing Cleaning Services

Removing leaves, branches and other debris that has begun to accumulate on your roof can also be a worthwhile project. Routine roofing cleaning can go a long way towards ensuring that is able to last as long as possible. Keeping shingles free of objects and debris helps to keep environmental wear to a minimum.

Changing the AC Filter

Failing to swap out your AC filter can impede the performance of your climate-control system. While most AC filters are designed to be changed once a month, conducting a quick inspection as part spring cleaning is often a smart move. Heavy deposits of dust and lint could mean its time to schedule a professional vent cleaning.

Vents, Ducts and HVAC Systems

Vent and duct cleaning can help to improve both interior air quality and the overall comfort of your household. Dirt, dust and other contaminants like animal fur or pollen that has worked its way into the system can cause no end of problems. Arranging to have the entire system cleaned by a professional can often make quite a difference.

Taking a more organized approach to your annual housecleaning helps to ensure that you don’t overlook something important. From power washing and other exterior upgrades to improving your indoor air quality, a few simple chores are often all it takes to keep your home looking great.

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