5 Simple Steps to Tackling Christmas Cards


I know what you're thinking, Christmas cards already?!  

But it is the beginning of December and most people are scrambling to finish up their Christmas shopping and get their trees set up and decorations set up so I wanted to give some simple steps to make this time of year a little less stressful  Some people look forward to writing out their Christmas cards every year. Others, dread the task and put it off for as long as possible. Getting a jump start on your Christmas cards and breaking it down into simple steps might help just a bit. These simple steps will help you in tackling the Christmas cards and get them out of the way fast.

5 Simple Steps to Tackling Christmas Cards

5 Simple Steps to Tackling Christmas Cards

Step 1: Make Your List!  Start creating your Christmas card list as early as possible. Take this time to gather any address you might be missing or update any addresses that way you will have it all in place for next year!!

Step 2: Buy Your Christmas Cards!  The closer we get to the Christmas holiday the harder it is to find good cards. You also have the option of creating your own Christmas cards, we love to send a family collage of what's been happening over the past year.  There are tons of great ideas online a few of my favs for creating and printing at home – PicMonkey and for doing everything online and getting the cards delivered are Shutterfly or TinyPrints.

Tiny Prints Holiday Card Collection

Step 3: Start addressing and stamping the envelopes. Do this as you watch your favorite tv show or when you have a few extra moments during the day so it doesn't seem like an overwhelming task.

Step 4: If you are sending out a generalized letter to everyone on your Christmas card list, start typing that up now. If you are going to write individual notes in each card, make sure to get started on those.  I like to do a typed letter but add a personal note at the bottom and sign it, that way it adds a little something sweet to the Christmas card.

Step 5: Stuff your cards in the envelopes and start mailing them out!

Christmas or holiday cards can be as easy or difficult as you choose to make them.  By breaking it down into simple steps it should help you be less stressed and making tackling the cards something fun.  I find that if I do them while I'm watching tv I can breeze through a pile of cards in no time.  If your kids are willing to help include them in the process, kids signing cards would be so cute!  I might just have to include my kids in the Christmas card assembly line this year.

Do you write a note in each card or send a general letter to everyone?


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