5 Reasons Why Single Moms Should Go into Paralegal Studies


Single moms have an entirely unique set of challenges when it comes to enrolling in higher education programs. While many adult students have to balance family, school and work life, single moms have to do all of this on their own. If you're looking for a satisfying career change, then consider these five reasons why single moms should go into paralegal studies.

1. You Can Obtain Your Degree Online or Part-Time

Yes, it is absolutely possible to study paralegal principles online. Not only is it possible, but it's extremely common. If you learn better in an academic setting but still have a busy schedule, you can take classes on a part-time basis as well. For single moms who are already balancing work and home life, this is extremely important.

2. The Curriculum Is Challenging, But Doable

If you've watched television court dramas and thought that the work of a paralegal seemed far too complex for you to handle, don't worry. Television and movies don't always paint an accurate picture of a paralegal's duties. While the curriculum in paralegal studies is indeed challenging, it's important to remember that it's not full-blown law school. It is absolutely possible for anyone with a high school education to master the material.

3. You Can Have a Legal Career with a Short Amount of School

Any single mother can tell you that time is of the essence. When you're raising kids on your own, it can seem as if time passes in the blink of an eye. If you pursue a career in the paralegal field, you can get your necessary degree in a relatively short amount of time and be working in a rewarding legal career before you know it.

4. There's a Good Income to be Made

No, you won't make as much as the attorneys. However, there is absolutely great potential for a salary that's on the same par with what nurses earn. You can make enough money to not only support your family, but to enjoy a higher quality of life than what you're experiencing now.

5. Your Job will be Exciting and Fulfilling

There's really never a boring day in the legal world. As a paralegal, you'll be aiding attorneys as they do everything from mediating financial conflicts to litigating murder trials. If you're sick of watching the hours pass on the clock at your dull and unfulfilling entry level job, entering a paralegal studies program is the best way to inject some excitement into your daily work life.

Obtaining a degree in paralegal studies might just be the best decision you ever make. If you want a new career that will help you to help your family and reach the next level, consider enrolling in a program.


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