5 Healthy Hair Tips


Achieving healthy hair is easier then you would think!  Whether you want to look your best or just feel your best it all starts with your appearance and your hair is a huge part of that.  You might wonder what the best method of care for your hair is and the products to use, that's why I'm sharing 5 healthy hair tips to help you look and feel the way you want to!

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5 Healthy Hair Tips

Healthy Hair Tip #1

Avoid hair build up.  This is caused by a layer of oil, grease and products that have not been removed from your hair.  To properly rid your hair of build up you can use a clarifying shampoo.  Too many people choose a shampoo that doesn't suit them and their needs.  It is important to read labels, ask for advice from a stylist or do some research online to get the perfect shampoo for your hair.  By using a clarifying shampoo once a week you can help your hair get back to healthy quickly and easily!

Healthy Hair Tip # 2

Condition deeply.  Most of us skip this step because it takes too long or we don't see the benefit.  A good conditioner can help reduce hair static, frizz and even add a little shine back to your hair!  Make sure you massage it in root to tip and leave it on for a couple minutes to let it work its magic, then rise thoroughly.

Healthy Hair Tip # 3

Know your hair type.  Whether you have dry, straight, frizzy, curly, thin, thick or even oily hair using products specifically formulated for your type is important.  If you don't know your hair type ask your stylist next time you go in for a visit.

Healthy Hair Tip # 4

Dry your hair well. Hair dryers will harm your hair more then they help, if you have the time it is best to let your hair air dry or use the cool setting on your dryer to avoid damage.  Drying in combination with a good serum will help relax and smooth your hair avoiding the frizz and static later in the day!

Healthy Hair Tip # 5

Eat well.  This might seem a little far fetched but you are what you eat right!  Your hair is nourished by what you eat and drink and by following a balanced diet your hair will be stronger, healthier and shinier!

By following these 5 healthy hair tips you can easily achieve the hair you want!  It won't happen overnight but slowly you will improve the appearance of your hair and put your best head forward!

What's your best healthy hair tip?



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