5 Essential Gifts for an Outdoor Enthusiast


Do you know someone who spends all their free time in the great outdoors? Whether it’s hiking, camping, hunting or fishing, some people can’t imagine anything better. If you are looking for gift ideas for an outdoor enthusiast, here are some essential gift ideas that will get them excited for their next adventure.

1. Watch

This gift is more than just an accessory. Having a reliable watch is an essential safety item when venturing into the backcountry. Most remote locations don’t have cell phone signals to provide an accurate time display, so having a navy seal watch is a great option. Knowing the time is necessary when they have plans to meet up with others and to know when to begin a return trip to make it back to camp before dark. Ensure that the watch is waterproof and has a reliable strap, so it’s tough enough to withstand the adventure. 

2. Multipurpose Tool

One thing is sure about being in the wilderness. You need to prepare for anything. A multitool is a single item with multiple accessories that can cut, screw, pull or tighten anything they may encounter. Having all the tools together as one item makes it easy to carry and ensures things don’t get lost. Choose one that has many tool options and is made from sturdy, non-corrosive metal.

3. Light

Late nights away from the city can be very dark, so it’s always a good idea to have a light source. Flashlight, headlamps and lanterns all provide options for light. The difference is in battery life and the strength of the light beam. A headlamp is excellent as an emergency light source because it is small and can be used hands-free. If someone plans a more extended adventure and intends to spend time in the dark, a larger lantern or flashlight is perfect because it provides a stronger light beam and has longer-lasting batteries. 

4. Fire

Having a way to start a fire is a key to survival in the outdoors. Fire is essential for heat, cooking food, boil water and keeps predators away. There are a few options when it comes to starting a fire. A lighter or pack of waterproof matches is small and easy to carry in an emergency pouch. However, some enthusiasts prefer flint or other more traditional fire-starting tools. 

5. Binoculars

Being able to scout surroundings is a necessary survival skill. Binoculars give people the ability to see great distances. For some, this means they can quietly view birds and wildlife in their natural habitat without scaring them away. For others, binoculars provide a safe way to hunt and be on the lookout for predators. No matter what the need is, being able to view nature from a distance is a great resource to have. 

If you are looking for gift ideas for someone who loves being outdoors, these are a few options to get you started. Nature enthusiasts love things they can use on their next outings, such as a watch, multitool, lights, fire and binoculars. Any of these things is a wonderful gift to receive.

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