5 Easy Ways to Connect with Faraway Friends and Family


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Gone are the days of everyone’s family living on the same street, popping in for a coffee on a Thursday evening because you could see by the lights in the kitchen that they were home, and Sunday dinner’s being a full family affair. Today it’s more likely that you live at least a few hours’ drive away from your nearest and dearest, and sometimes even seas and continents keep us apart.

Staying in touch can be hard, turning up for your sister’s son’s third birthday can be even harder with days of travel, work commitments, and immediate family to contend with. Luckily, we live in a world where communication is easy, but with so many options available and older family members to teach technology to, finding one platform to suit everyone can be difficult. Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite apps for staying in touch.

Find a common messaging app

There are many methods of group chats and messages out there, but not all work cross-platform. Some family members might like to video chat, some might hate it; some love being a part of a group message, other can’t stand the 380 messages per minute popping up on their phone. It’s a constant balance of working out what works for everyone! The Kik online login is one that works really well, as it allows users to login from any platform, which means it doesn’t exclude anyone!

Start a blog

A blog is a great way to get out your creative flair and often is a good little earner too, but if you live far away from your family and friends, it can turn into a way to share your life with your far-flung loved ones. If you write about your life, your whereabouts and upload pictures frequently, it gives people something to follow and will save you having to write lengthy emails about what you have been up to if you don’t have time for a phone call.

Remember birthdays and events

You may not be able to get to them on their birthdays, anniversaries or birth of their children, but keeping these dates in a calendar and remembering to wish them well or send a card will keep relations strong. By alerting yourself to big events and making time to call them or order flowers to their door, they will know that they are still a priority in your life, even though you are far away.

Do something together

So, how do you do something with someone who is hundreds of miles away? Of course, family vacations are always an option, but not everyone in the family will have the money for a great escape. How about organizing to take over a family scrapbooking or calendar project? Ask members of your family to send over any photos that they love and you can compile them into a calendar and send them out to everyone at Christmas! This will give everyone a direct line to you, and you’ll be delivering something special to their homes.

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