5 DIY Home Repairs Anyone Can Make


I recently shared the 5 basic tools I think every home should have and I was surprised at how many people didn't have them in their homes.  You can save a lot of money every year by making a few simple home repairs yourself with a few of those tools!  So let's get to work.

As long as you have the proper tools and understand what the projects include you'll be on your way to being a DIY home repair genius!  If you don't feel comfortable you can always call a professional.


5 DIY Home Repairs Anyone Can Make

1. Cleaning grout – White grout especially gets dingy over time because itís so porous. To fix it, clean away the dirt and then use grout ink to brighten it up as good as new.  You can get the grout ink in the form of a pen which makes the job even easier!

2. Fixing the toilet – Yes, even toilets can break down. If a toilet is constantly running, the flapper valve inside the tank more than likely needs to be replaced.  You can get kits at your local hardware store or online to replace the insides of the toilet, you can even replace it with water saving ones! Blocked toilets can usually be unblocked with a plunger.

3. Broken light switches – If the face plate is cracked or you need another switch, don't call someone else. Do it yourself! Turn off the power to that particular switch so you don't get electrocuted and grab your screwdriver. It only takes a couple minutes to put a new face plate on.

4. Squeaky door – If a hinge is making noise, remove the offending pin from the jam using a screwdriver and hammer and oil it with WD-40 or Vaseline. Replace the pin and then try opening and closing the door again, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

5. Gutters – Clean them out periodically to keep water from running off the sides of the house and causing damage to the windows or walls. Use a brush to remove leaves and other debris. If a downspout is damaged, remove that piece and replace it in minutes!

What repairs do you make around the home?

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