The 5-Day Kleenex® Challenge! #ShareKleenexCare


Lately I’ve been extremely overwhelmed, it seems like there is so much to do and not enough time to do it all in. I guess it is because I set unreal expectations for myself and forget to enjoy the simple things in life. I need to slow things down, get back to basics and start connecting with people again.

I find it amazing what a small gesture like a wave can do to make someone feel appreciated. Walking to the school this morning I realized that a simple smile or wave at the neighbors changes my attitude and brings a smile to someone else. I’m determined to make a change!

This year I’m going to get out of my comfort zone and start appreciating each day a little more! To start things off right I’m Sharing Kleenex Care with The 5-Day Kleenex® Challenge!

5-Day Kleenex® Challenge

The challenge is simple:

Give away Kleenex® Share Packs once a day, for 5 days to someone I’d like to show care to!

I’ll be out and about looking for ways to spread some caring! I can’t wait to pay it forward and bring a smile into someone’s day. Some suggested caring acts include passing a pack to someone:


  • Sneezing
  • Crying
  • Coughing


You can find out more about the challenge at: 

I’m excited to see who I can help first and what their reaction will be. It isn’t everyday that a stranger hands you a pack of Kleenex®! I’ll be sharing my adventures on social media and of course a final post to let you know how much fun I had. Follow along on the hashtag: #ShareKleenexCare

You can join in on the fun too, grab a Kleenex® coupon and help #ShareKleenexCare!

Chatelaine Tasters Testers 2015

As a Chatelaine Taster & Tester, I was asked to participate in the Share Kleenex® Care initiative. As always, all opinions are my own.

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