The 5 Best Stable Careers You Want Your Kids to Pursue


When you have children, you always want the best things for them growing up, and when they do grow up, you'll want them to have a sustainable career. Knowing what fields will be around for the long term, and knowing which are fads or fleeting industries, is an important step in understanding what you're kids need to focus on to be successful. Below are five of the most stable careers for your children.

Graphic Design

Although there is software and services available that allow you to do your own design work, these services are mostly templates that over-promise and under-deliver. Graphic designers will always be in demand because of their artistic capabilities and design knowledge. Graphic designers are capable of creating unique designs that software will never be able to do on their own without the help of a designer. This would be a great career field if one of your children is creative and wants to pursue something in the digital or printing fields.


Archaeologists will always have a place in the future as long as there is something to explore or discover about our past. We know relatively little about ancient cultures and civilizations compared to more recent events that have happened in the last several hundred years. Until we know everything about the past, archaeologists will always have work for them to pursue.

Health Information Management

Doctors, nurses, and physician assistants are wonderful fields to get involved with, but there are lesser known fields in the medical industry that your child could pursue. For example, there are health information management courses available if your kids would rather pursue a career in analyzing and protecting important medical information. This data is vital for many reasons, and those who can properly do this job will always be sought after.


Biologists are constantly studying the way life on our world works. They study all aspects of living organisms and record the data so we can better understand the environment around us. Being a biologist would be an exciting career choice for those who enjoy living things in nature and our own human bodies. The biology field isn't going anywhere any time soon.


This is a less boisterous career, but it can be an incredibly lucrative and rewarding field to get into if you enjoy hard work and spending time outdoors. Like design work, landscaping needs a creative touch to get the most out of it. Cookie-cutter landscaping jobs work fine, but there will always be a need for custom landscaping jobs that allow landscapers to show off their creativity.

There are many other career fields that your children can pursue that are sustainable, but the five listed above can be some of the most fun and rewarding fields that they can dive into. Encourage your children to do the proper research beforehand to avoid having to change careers completely later on down the road.

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