4 Ways to Reward Your Kids after a Dentist or Doctor Visit


It is estimated that roughly 20% of children have at least one decaying tooth in their mouth. Unfortunately, it can often be very hard to coax children into getting the treatment they need because they are afraid of the dentist. The best way to get them to overcome their fears is by offering them a reward for being brave. These are four great ways to reward your kids after a trip to the dentist or doctor.

Get Something Good to Eat

Every kid loves to be rewarded with tasty food, so they will definitely enjoy a trip to their favorite restaurant after a good visit with the dentist. If they underwent some dental work during the appointment, then you will likely have to delay the reward for a few days. This will let them fully enjoy their meal without stopping the dental services from fully working.

Go to a Movie

There is just something magical about watching a great movie on the big screen. This is why movie theaters continue to succeed even though everyone can easily stream movies on their television at home. There always seems to be at least one movie suitable for children in the theaters at all times, so this reward can be used throughout the entire year. If your kids are not very interested in movies, then you can always take them to another fun activity they love.

Buy Them a Gift

Buying a gift may be the most basic way to reward your child after a trip to the dentist, but it is also one of the most effective. Kids appreciate gifts far more than adults because they do not have the money to buy anything. Whether it is a new toy, video game or outfit, there is a very good chance that your kid knows exactly what they want. Make their dream come true by taking them on a quick shopping trip.

Let Them Stay up Late

Every responsible parent gives their children a bedtime. It is also every kid’s mission to stay up later than their set bedtime, so they will happily accept the ability to stay up for an extra hour or two as their reward. This is a great way to provide a reward without having to spend any money. If your kids are too old for a set bedtime, then you can offer to extend their curfew. This reward obviously works best when used on the weekend.

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