4 Tips for Making Your Move to a New State Go Smoothly


Let's face it, moving is rarely easy. It takes up time, resources, and money. Everything seems to come due when you're moving, from deposits at the new location, utilities, and the cost of hiring movers themselves. It's easy to want to cut corners wherever you can. As the average person moving is between 18-24, money can be tight. So, how can you plan a cross-country move or even a just across town economically?

Distinct Features To Look For In A Moving Company

Find Free Moving Supplies

The sooner you know you're going to move, the better. Start stockpiling boxes, saving ones you get from Amazon, and stopping in at the grocery store or liquor store to take home free boxes whenever you can. Be picky about which ones you choose, making sure not to end up with produce boxes that have soggy bottoms. Save any packaging materials that come with shipments and utilize your own towels and sheets to wrap up breakables. Don't forget dish towels to wrap-around plates, hand towels to drape around pictures, and even socks to put glasses into.

Call for Help

While experts don't recommend you try and depend on family or friends for the actual move, you can save time and money by packing everything yourself. This means calling in all those favors to help you pack. One of the biggest problems movers face is arriving on moving day and everything is not packed and ready to go. Plan on a packing party a week or so ahead of time, getting everything in boxes and stacked aside to make it easier and faster for the movers to cart it out the door. Keep in mind, almost everything has to be in a box. Suppose you have a set of keyboards but no box to put it in. The mover is likely unable to transport it without packaging around it. But, several boxes can be broken down and fixed around the keyboards to allow it to be moved. Do this ahead of time!

Find a Trustworthy Mover

When moving to another state, you want to just make one trip before settling into your home. Because of this, you’ll need to hire a professional moving company. Look into local options, like Ruff and Ready Moving. A professional can help you efficiently move all of your boxes to your new home.

By following these suggestions, you'll be prepared for the big move and reduce the stress involved with the process. Call an expert for more advice on how to make your move go smoothly.

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