4 Things To Do With The Old Jewelry You Don’t Wear Anymore


We tend to accumulate a lot of jewelry. Over the course of birthdays, holidays, romances, and sweet little just-because moments we end up with a lot of jewelry we no longer wear anymore. So, we stick it in the box and keep it tucked away until there's just not enough space for it all. That jewelry came from good memories, don't let it just gather dust until you throw it away. Here are four things to do with the old jewelry you don't wear anymore.
4 Things To Do With The Old Jewelry You Dont Wear Anymore

#1 Upcycle

If you're crafty, you can take that old jewelry and make it into something beautiful and new that you will enjoy for years. Break it down and turn it into new jewelry, or artwork. Get creative and preserve your unworn jewelry in the form of something new and beautiful.

#2 Sell or Trade

Places like Sol's Jewelry & Loan can help you sell your old jewelry or trade it for something you want more. Selling and trading old jewelry helps you get the things you need, and you can know that your jewelry will end up in the hands of someone who will enjoy it.

#3 Donate

Dress for Success accepts gently used jewelry in the form of donations. Your donations will go to help underprivileged women get clothes for job interviews and work. The I Have Wings Breast Cancer Foundation is another great organization that accepts costume jewelry as a form of donation.

#4 Pass it Down

If you're not enjoying your pieces of jewelry, there is probably someone in your family or circle of close friends who would love it. Give your old jewelry as a gift for the holidays, birthdays, or for an out-of-the-blue surprise. Write a personal note along with the jewelry telling that person how much they mean to you. This is the kind of gift that will be remembered for someone's whole life. This simple act of kindness could make someone's world a little brighter.

Jewelry was created to be enjoyed, not to sit in a box in your drawer. Dust it off and put it to some good use with one of these four ideas. You will be surprised by how relieved you will feel not having that unworn jewelry cluttering your space. You will also feel great knowing that your old jewelry is being enjoyed again, as it was intended to be.


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