4 Steps to Create the Purr-fect Patio for a Cat


Do you have feline pets? Is fresh air something your cats enjoy? Transforming your patio into a space where you and the kitties can sunbathe, catch a few winks, or watch the butterflies and birds play is a great way to make your home more fun for indoor or outdoor cats. Here are just four great ways that you can make your patio a perfect cat lounge.

Climbing Places

The number one thing to put in any cat space is something to climb. Cats are climbers by nature, and having an outlet to claw and climb will make them less likely to damage the furniture meant for humans. Trim rails, poles with outdoor carpet, window ledges, and tables are good things to consider for the cat patio. You can also get cat trees and cat houses built specifically for outdoor use built to resist damage from the weather.

Cat Perches and Hiding Places

Although cats are predators, they become nervous when left out in open spaces just like prey animals do. Lots of places to safely watch the outside world makes a cat feel secure and in control. Crates, boxes, and specialized cat houses are great additions to an outdoor cat patio to provide them a cozy and weather-resistant lair. This will also allow your cat a place to retreat when they need alone time, and a vantage point from which to assess a situation for whether or not they want to join in. When cats feel safe and in control, they are much more social and more likely to come out and join their human friends to play.

Cat-Safe Plants

While plants can beautify a patio and cats love to play around in them, not all decorative plants are safe for cats to be around. Cats are liable to chew on things or lick things they shouldn’t, and the wrong plant can make them sick or even kill them. African violets are beautiful flowers and safe enough for cats, but these plants require special care. Some species of ferns are safe for cats, like Boston ferns. Herb gardens with sage or basil are safe, but other common herbs like lavender and oregano are not. Overall, don’t put any plants on your patio where your cat will be without researching it first.

Moving Water

Just like humans, cats need to stay hydrated, and you want to be able to provide a clean water source for them when they’re outside in the sun. Cat water fountains are wonderful ideas because of the moving water. These fountains instinctively draw your furry pets to the source because the water in a bowl stagnates and can grow bacteria. It is second nature for the feline species to look for running water, and they are more wary of standing water.

Creating the best patio for your feline pets is fun and healthy. The sound of running water is soothing and a great source of hydration for your pets. As long as you avoid toxic plants and give pets plenty of places to hide from each other and the sun, a cat patio can give you and your pets a place to relax.

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