4 Steps To Planning Your Next Family Reunion


A family reunion is a time when you can see family members who you haven't seen in a while. It's also a time when you can congregate with each other for a few hours and enjoy laughter, games and food. One of the things that you need to do at first is to find a venue for the reunion and send out invitations. Make sure the invitations are sent a few weeks before so that everyone can plan to attend and so that you can get a head count for food.


Food And Drinks

Look at the size of your family. If it's small, then consider asking everyone to bring a covered dish and a drink so that everyone has plenty to eat. However, if there is a large number of people expected to attend, consider hiring a catering service. The caterers will be able to set up tables and have the food ready at a certain time, making it easy for everyone to spend time together without worrying about cooking or cleaning up after the meal.


One way that everyone can be united is to have the same shirt. You can order shirts online from companies like Absolute Screen Printing. Ask about shirt sizes when you send invitations. Family members who live nearby can pick up their shirts at your home before the reunion, and those who have to travel can wait until the day of the event. Find a color that everyone likes, adding the family name, year and location on the front or back of the shirt so that everyone remembers the special day.

4 Steps To Planning Your Next Family Reunion


Who doesn't like to play games with the family? If the reunion is held outside, consider a few water games for the children or a pinata so that people can get treats. You could also play a guessing game where everyone has to guess ages or locations of those who travel or the oldest family members. An area can be set up with board games if the reunion is held inside. You can also play BINGO with door prizes.


Some family members might not be able to see young children or those who are older on a regular basis. The reunion is a way to show videos of new additions and a way for the younger generation to see what grandparents looked like when they were younger. Videos can be shown while everyone is eating since this is a time when most will be sitting together.

When you begin planning for a family reunion, think about the amount of food you need and the activities that you will have. Start sending information and gathering supplies a few weeks before the event so that you're prepared. Remember to have fun as this might be the only time everyone is gathered together.

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