4 Simple Tips to Keep Your Family Safe on the Road This Summer


4 Simple Tips to Keep Your Family Safe on the Road This Summer

Summer's heat is nearly here, and you're ready to hit the road with the family. An annual road trip is a tradition around the nation. To keep you as safe as possible, follow these simple tips. You want a positive and unforgettable summer experience.

Fill Up the Tires

The best way to start off your road trip is by filling up the tires. Most people have tires that are slightly low in pressure. You'll notice more gasoline being used along with a bumpier ride. Use a tire-pressure gauge in order to verify the current reading. Fill the tires up several days before your trip. Check the pressure on the morning that you leave so that it's clear that the tires are holding the air. Solid tires will get you nearly anywhere on the road.

Plan Out the Road Trip

Although you may want some spontaneity on the road, it should be largely planned out for safety purposes. Be aware of any road closures or upcoming poor weather. Rain and winds can still impact your trip, even in the summertime. If you're taking a large vehicle, such as an RV, verify that its dimensions can fit through the areas that you plan on traveling. Tunnels and overpasses might be challenges if your vehicle is too large.

When Accidents Occur

You may have everything planned out, but an accident might happen. Pull over to the side of the road if possible. Trade phone numbers with the other party, and try to take photos of the damages. Professionals, such as those at Clearfield & Kofsky, know that the majority of accidents don't have actual injuries. Hopefully, your vehicle takes the brunt of the damages while leaving your family free to enjoy the vacation afterward. It might be necessary to rent a vehicle so that your family car can enter the shop as necessary.

Be Discreet

A modern tip to staying safe on the road is being discreet about your valuables. It seems like everyone has a smartphone or tablet in their hands. If you leave the vehicle for a rest stop or meal, hide or take your valuables with you. No one will be tempted to break into your vehicle with those habits. Be discreet as you hold the electronics too. Don't show them off or turn the volume up high.

You might have winter emergency supplies in the back of your vehicle. Keep them there, and add to them too. Extra blankets, water and other essentials are also critical during the summer. You'll keep your family safe and well supplied into the fall months.


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