4 Signs You’ve Found the Right Family Doctor


4 Signs You've Found the Right Family Doctor

Finding a doctor can be as easy as asking a friend, a family member, or researching online for the best recommendations and referrals. The question is how do you know you've found the right doctor? Are you able to communicate with them directly? What kind of bedside manner do they have? Do you like their office staff? Do they incorporate preventive care options, health and wellness programs, are they covered by your insurance. All of these are important questions pertaining to your health care management. Here are 4 simple ways to reassure you’ve found the right one.

Communication Is Key

There are many times in life when we want to speak to our doctor directly. It can be frustrating when you’re unable to reach them, are waiting for a call back after hours, or having to relay messages between the nurse and your doctor repeatedly. If you're able to easily communicate with your healthcare provider directly by phone or by email it can eliminate waiting. Another area of communication comes in the form of bedside manner. Are you able to easily speak with you doctor about everything? Do you feel comfortable talking about sensitive or embarrassing health topics? If so, you’re on the right track. Having compatible, open and comfortable communication with your doctor is key in supporting your overall health. After all, you should like them as a person and feel at ease when discussing your health concerns and issues. Physicians who express empathy when speaking to their patients can offer comfort without losing the ability to be objective about ones treatment. If your doctor shows genuine concern and compassion towards you, your family, or lifestyle, you can check that off your list. We rely on our doctors and health care workers to practice professionalism and ethics, but we most definitely need someone who cares.


Many people assume that because their doctor is board certified or has a legitimate practice that he or she is qualified, knowledgeable and up to date on relevant medical information. It’s a good idea to check if your doctor spends time continuing their education, is aware of new methodology and medical advances. If your health care provider continually shares new treatment options, or offers insight on advanced medical procedures then you may be in good hands. It’s also important that your physician practices the basics of fundamental and traditional medicine as well. It’s necessary to be under the care of someone who doesn’t just take one look at you and write a prescription. Your doctor should be thorough, listen and discusses what new possibilities are available or send you home with some good ole chicken soup. In addition, ask yourself if your doctor is helpful at demonstrating preventive care. Do they offer preventive care programs and information resources? Having a doctor who delivers a quality care platform is going to be a knowledgeable and informed provider.

Team-Based Care And Staff

If your doctor is part of team-based care, you can be sure your bases are covered. Having a complete care team can ensure you will receive professional and current health care all hours of the day. A team-based doctor has more freedom to continue analytics and education by depending on his entire staff. If there is always a new nurse or staff member, maybe the doctor is not so easy to work with. Having longevity and quality relationships within his or her team is an important indicator as to how he manages his practice.


A good question for your doctor is how up to date they are on current technology? Can they easily access your medical history? Can they send prescriptions at a moments notice? What systems are in place to provide your doctor with the appropriate information for your treatment, medication side effects, and access to new medical journals and literature? It’s ok that your doctor isn’t a walking encyclopedia, but how do they utilize obtaining the information they need and moreover how do they communicate with other health care providers, hospitals and the medical community. It's vital for your physician to utilize new and current technology. Through Solutionreach Patient Engagement physicians are able maintain a working relationship with their patients; offer preventive care treatment options, establish education resources and direct communication.

If you’re able to identify some of these important characteristics, you may have a great doctor on your side. The obvious important factors are, insurance network, cost, location and hospital affiliation, certification and relevancy to your medical needs. Having a care provider who can easily guide and deliver a best practice platform is part of maintaining a happy and healthy life.


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  1. Silas Knight on

    Thanks for the tips on finding the right family doctor. I agree, communication is vital for a relationship with your doctor. Whether it’s phone or email communication, I think it should be fairly easy to get a hold of your doctor.

  2. This is an artiulately written article. Communication is vital when it comes to the person who is to care for your health. A good doctor-patient relationship is one where the patient is completely honest with the doctor and the doctor knows how to communicate health issues and treatment plans effectively.
    These are extremely important points for getting a good doctor.

  3. I like what you said about trying to rely on a team-based care system. I had never thought about how much it would help to have a whole team working to keep your family healthy. It totally makes sense though, when you compare it to other business models. Everybody has strengths, weaknesses, and specialties. Allowing people to focus on the things they are good at, while learning from others about the things they struggle with, always makes businesses stronger. I imagine this would be the same for a medical staff as well.

  4. Penelope Smith on

    This is some really good information about finding a good family doctor. It does seem like a good idea to look into what type of technology. It does seem if they have an advanced office it could help things go a lot smoother with getting in and out.

  5. healthcare staffing on

    It’s best to have a family doctor that is referred by your friends through their personal experience if there’s any. The one that is comfortable with the family. That’s not snob anytime you ask. The one with a pleasing personality.

  6. Thank you for telling me to check if our chosen doctor still spends time continuing their education and further enhancing their medical practice by being aware of new methodologies and medical advances. We just moved into a new town and I’m trying to find the nearest clinic available where my family can have primary care services, but we also wanted to be sure that they will be able to treat other kinds of sickness just in case something happens. I’ll keep your tips in mind before I settle with a doctor who just doesn’t simply write a prescription but also thoroughly discusses what new possibilities are available.

  7. Not everything is straightforward in medicine. Two patients with similar symptoms could have vastly different health issues. Family physicians need to maintain a clear head and devise a treatment plan in these situations.

  8. Adam Golightly on

    I liked what you said about how they shouldn’t just write a prescription and should make sure that all of their bases are covered and managed correctly. My aunt has been really concerned with her family’s healthcare because she has been super busy and her kids are always on the move. She would really like to get some help from a professional so that they can see someone when they are hurt.

  9. Delisi Communications on

    This is a great article – very informative. Finding the right doctor may take time and effort, but it is sooo worth it!

  10. Thanks for reminding me to find someone who truly cares for our family and not just base everything on experience. I’m thinking of trusting a nearby doctor that we can always go to just in case a family member gets sick, so your tips will really be helpful. It might be a good idea to look for someone who specializes in family medical practice and see if they have the characteristics you mentioned.

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