4 of the Best Europe Road Trips


Europe is at the top of my travel list, from the unique culture to amazing landscapes, there is always a new country I want to explore.  I find that with each visit I am adding as many items to my travel bucket list as I am checking off.  I would love to plan an epic Europe road trip to take in all the amazing landmarks and landscapes.

One thing I find amazing about Europe is how you can easily visit multiple countries during one vacation.  In Canada driving ten hours to see family for the holidays seems like a never-ending road trip but in Europe, you can visit multiple countries in that time.  But it is all relative, we are fortunate to live in the Rocky Mountains and experience four full seasons every year.

Let’s take a look at four of the Europe road trips I’d love to take.

View of Hornberg village in Schwarzwald mountains - Germany

View of Hornberg village in Schwarzwald mountains – Baden Wurttemberg, Germany

Route 500, Germany

While this route is one of the most iconic motorcycle routes in the world, the 65-kilometer winding stretch of road is great to visit by car in summer or fall.  This magical route through the Black Forest takes you deep into the midst of the forest on a smooth ride through the mountains.

While the road trip normally takes an hour you’ll want to allow extra time for a few roadside stops for epic landscape shots, purchasing a cuckoo clock at House of 1000 clocks and a stop at the Hohenbaden castle.  Don’t forget a swimsuit for a quick dip in the thermal springs of Baden.

Spoleto to Norcia, Italy

The 162-kilometer scenic stretch between Spoleto and Norcia makes for an epic road trip!  This road trip is extremely different from those of the fjords and Alps but breathtaking nonetheless. You can sample olives in Spoleto as you start your journey and take in the iconic hilltown before hitting the road towards Valnerina.

Continue on the road through a postcard-perfect town on your journey upland towards Norcia.  Make a roadside stop to visit a Benedictine monastery and take in the stunning views of the Sibillini mountains.

To see the natural floral landscape in full bloom at Piano Grande this road trip is best taken in late May to early June.  Allow 4-6 hours for the journey so you can take in the sites, capture some stunning shots and even eat some local foods.

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse Austria Road Trip

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria

Spanning 48 kilometers this scenic road trip winds you through the Austrian Alps in about an hour.  You will want to be wide awake so you don’t miss the striking Austrian architecture, flowering landscapes, rocky cliff faces, tranquil lake scenes and 37 dramatic mountain peaks while reaching 2500m altitudes.

When planning a trip to the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse be aware this route is closed from November to May.  This is a great trip to take in early summer, just make sure you carry spare change for the toll.

Trolltunga, Troll's tongue rock above lake Ringedalsvatnet, Norway

Trollstigen, Norway

The “Troll’s Path” is a popular destination for motorists and cyclists during the summer months as the road closes late fall and all through winter.  This road trip is about 12 kilometers but with the steep 10-degree include and 11 hairpin bends it is one of Europe’s most winding roads.

This route in Norway leads you through the spectacular Norwegian fjords and across one of the world’s most stomach-churning bridges.  Expect this trip to take you 2-3 hours including landmark stops, slow speeds and sharing the narrow roadway with oncoming traffic.


Don’t forget to visit Kwik Fit to ensure your vehicle is in optimal shape before hitting the road, especially if you plan on taking one of the more challenging routes.  Whatever Europe road trip you decide to take I’m sure you are in for an amazing adventure. Safe travels.

Do you have a Europe road trip on your bucket list?


  1. I did a Europe trip two years ago, Budapest, Prague & Krakow and just love it. There is so much to see in Europe, not sure where I will go next time as I have quite a few countries on my list.

  2. Léa - Mon Siège Auto Bébé on

    The Trollstigen is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful roads in Europe. Route 1 in Island is great also 🙂

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