4 Money Matters To Consider When Having Kids


Children are a blessing no matter what age you have them in life, but if you’re choosing career first and children later, there are a few things that you need to consider. Firstly, when we say ‘later in life’ we mean not in your early Twenties after college, which is when it’s usually popular to have children. Waiting until you’ve done all the things that you want to do is a smart decision, but it does have financial implications. There are a lot of huge benefits to becoming a parent in later life, as you can find that you are more mature, secure and grounded compared to the flightiness of the early Twenties. That’s not to say young mothers do something wrong, it’s just that the priorities are different if you are older.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve built your career and you are on track financially, things change when you have a child. You have far more to think about in terms of what insurances you pay for and whether you need a bigger home or car. You don’t want to be a burden to your children, but you also don’t want to leave them without a solid financial future. So, what is the truly important stuff that you really cannot forget?

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Insurance. There are many of these, but the two most important are life insurance and excellent health insurance. You need to look into how GoMediGap.com/ can assist you in your health insurance, and you need to consider comprehensive life insurance coverage as much as possible. Your children deserve the best should the worst happen, and money does factor into that. Hopefully, you’ve saved quite a bit of cash by now, so that’s something to rely on!

A Will. No matter what your age, not having a Will is a risk. You need to have a plan about what happens to your estate when you die, and your children need to be protected when the event happens. It’s likely you’ve more in the way of assets than you did twenty years ago, so set up your Will the moment you find out you are pregnant.

Retirement. When you have children in later life, you’re usually closer to retirement age when they reach college and they move out. Kids may keep you young on the inside, but you should plan for your retirement because regardless, you need to take time out of work to take care of your baby, so that’s something that you need to plan for. You mustn’t stop paying into the pension pot just because you’ve had a baby.

Debt. No one wants to have debt, and by the time you’ve reached the years of your life you want to bear children, it’s likely that you are going to be debt free. If you plan to have children in later life, don’t go nuts when you’re young and you’re golden.

Be prepared for anything in parenting, but don’t allow finances to be a concern if you can avoid it.

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