4 Fantastic Ideas for Unforgettable Family Nights


As kids head back to school, the magic of summer is quickly fading and families are busier than ever. It becomes increasingly difficult to juggle sports schedules, work schedules, homework, and bed time routines, but it is overtly important for families to make time for a family night. These nights are a great way to reconnect as a family, enjoy each other, and have a lot of fun.


For families today, one of the major concerns is the amount of screen time a person is exposed to. Family nights are designed to limit access to technology and truly reconnect with each other on a personal and interactive level. These nights are about having fun, creating memories, and love. Here are some great ideas to make family night unforgettable.


A Camp-Out

As the weather turns cooler, camping outside is less realistic and while the appeal of limited access to technology and other factors remain enticing, it is often not feasible to camp outside. However, what better way to enjoy the same silly family time than to bring the camping to the indoors?


Fire up that fire pit and get your roasting sticks ready. Backyard s'mores are always a hit with adults and kids alike. Everyone can snuggle into a cozy blanket, be out under the stars, talk, laugh, and enjoy being in close company. Use the time around the fire to tell some of your favorite camp stories. Then, when it is time to go to bed, head into the living room where you have your tent set up complete with sleeping bags and flashlights.

Family Game Night


Bust out theboard games and pick one the whole family can enjoy. These games are a fun way to connect as a family with a little friendly competition. Take turns choosing which game to play for a full night of fun.


Not only are these games fun and exciting, but they also hold a valuable learning experience for kids. Learning to take turns, follow directions, and a little friendly competition is healthy for young minds. This is a very fun way to reinforce all the things kids are learning in school without the pressure. Making it light and fun helps kids absorb information and skills they may struggle with during the normal school day.


Talent Show


It's time to dress up and show off your best talent. Maybe one of you is a great story teller. Dress in your favorite character costume and tell the story from their point of view. You can find costumes online, or raid closets and storage bins to make your own. Break out your top hat, magic wand, and cape and show off your best magic trick. Use puppets and other props to tell stories or work together to put on a short play.


As is the case with game night, a talent show can also be a masked teachable moment. Kids who are comfortable showing off a skill they are proud of are more likely to succeed in activities such as public speaking or presenting later in their school careers. Allowing kids to practice these skills in front of the people who love them most makes them feel supported and builds confidence.

Park Picnic


Pack your picnic basket and grab a blanket for an evening at the park. Ask the kids to help make sandwiches, sides, and desserts. Gather your items and head to a nearby park to play for the evening. After finishing dinner, play some playground games as you wind through the structures.


Each activity listed above asks families to put down the phones, turn off the television, and communicate with each member of the family on an interpersonal basis. Families with younger children are effectively able to teach the balance of technology and the importance of personal interactions through experiences that will be remembered for years to come.


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