4 Essential Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring


Before you know it, springtime will be here. You may be planning seasonal events for the summer holidays or just want to spend time around the house relaxing and enjoying your home. Start getting things done to have your home ready by the time warm weather rolls around. Check out these important areas to make sure your spring home will be comfortable and maintenance-free.

A picture of a home's backyard in the middle of spring.

Clean Your Basement

Inspect your basement and get rid of any accumulated junk or rubbish. Old newspapers, broken furniture, and unused appliances can be donated or hauled away to free up usable space. Check for signs of water leakage or moisture as well as evidence of mold. You may want to check into waterproofing your basement to prevent water seeping into the foundation from outside and trickling indoors. Get rid of worn flooring or anything you no longer want to keep the area free of litter and unwanted items.

Clear Out the Attic

Sort everything in the attic to see if you still want or need it. Get rid of things like vintage clothing or unused exercise equipment that take up space. Look for evidence of pest invasions, such as bats, mice, or termites. Open the windows and air out the space after a full cleaning to make the area more habitable and usable. Consider turning it into a reading nook or study area if needed.

Update the Bathroom

This might be a good time to replace the bathroom shower curtain and toilet seat if they are looking worn or not fitting as well as they used to. If you want to invest in a renovation, you could add new flooring and lighting as well as a new sink countertop. If there are elderly family members, consider installing handrails near the toilet and in the shower. Add some new linens and a few decorative pieces to give your bathroom a fresh new look.

Organize the Garage

Nice weather is perfect for arranging a garage sale, so start preparing your goods to sell now. Decide what to keep and what to sell from items in the house as well as the garage. Toys and clothes that are outgrown, tools and equipment that are not used, and appliances that are being replaced often attract buyers looking for something in good condition at a fair price. The extra space in your garage after the sale will be great for spring and summer yard tools and kids' toys.

Winter days provide a good opportunity to prepare your home for spring. When sunshine and warm temperatures get here, your home will be clean, fresh, and ready.

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