4 Dog Care Tips for a Healthy Summer


Now that the sun is shining and we're getting outdoors more often I thought it was the perfect time to share some season-specific tips to keep your dog healthy this summer.

4 Dog Care Tips for a Healthy Summer

1 – When to Walk

Our furry friends love to walk and run and it is hard to resist a sunny day to go out and play.  Keep in mind that you should not go for long walks or let your dog engage in strenuous activities in the daytime heat.  Instead try to get out in the early morning or evening.  If you have to head out during the midday heat bring lots of cool water and make sure to stick to shaded areas.

2 – Taking Your Dog Along

My favorite part of the summer is all the outdoor events with everything from bbqs to festivals there is a lot to look forward to.  Most of us dog owners considered them one of the family and usually tote them around with us wherever we go, but consider your dog's safety before taking them on your outing.  A few things to consider are:

  • will there be access to shade?
  • does your dog like crowds and kids?
  • will there be loud noises, will it stress your pet out?
  • do you have access to an air-conditioned room or car if your dog gets overheated?


If you're heading out on a road trip with your pet you'll want to grab the printable packing list from our pet travel tips article.

3 – Water Fun for Drinking and Swimming

Keeping water on hand is simple but keeping it cool is a bigger challenge.  We keep an insulated cooler in the car with a portable water bowl so we can keep our beverages cool with the dogs water!  Don't forget to pack your pet's favorite food, you never know when plans might change and they'll need to eat.

When it comes to fun in the water if your dog has never been swimming before make sure they feel comfortable in the water and help them navigate to a safe environment.  A life jacket for a dog is a good idea if you're going on a boating trip.  It is also important to look into water conditions before heading to your favorite watering hole, is there parasites in the water or potentially danger forms in the water (such as jellyfish).

4 – Prevention

Your vet probably already recommends heartworm prevention year-round so the summer month won't be any different.  The summer months do bring around more parasites and pests that can afflict your dog.  Flea and tick prevention should be applied as often as the manufacturer or your vet recommends and use a flea comb to check your dog for ticks after an outing.  Check with your vet for recommendations on preventative measures you can take.


What are your favorite summer season pet tips?


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  1. Hey Real Momma

    First of all, your name is very cute and your blog is also very impressive.

    These are some of the tips which I was looking for. I have recently bought a jack russell pup and I was very confused that how I can provide proper care to him. So, you have sorted my problem by sharing this information with everyone.

    Great post and like to read more such blogs.

  2. Hello realmomma there! I love great posts like these, where you take the time to actually jot down something realistic and applicable. Summer is ending, which is why I think you should write another one with winter theme.

  3. As a dog lover, I did try out something out of the blue – glamping with my dog. Lol, it was just so fun that i never thought it would be an unforgettable experience. Never regretted a single thing! Thank you for sharing this post, Real Momma as always! 🙂

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