4 Creative Outdoor Water Activities to Entertain Your Kiddos This Summer


4 Creative Outdoor Water Activities to Entertain Your Kiddos This Summer

Every parent dreads the inevitable cries of boredom from their children over the summer. Most of the time, the boredom sets in after the second week that school is out of session. Even if you have access to a pool or live close to the beach, you still may have difficulty keeping the children entertained on a regular basis. These four fun activities can add a little extra excitement to the summer and could keep your children entertained for hours.

Pool Scrabble

If you have access to a swimming pool, there are several creative activities that can not only keep your children occupied for hours at a time, but also promote learning. One suggestion is Pool Scrabble. You will need sponges, scissors and permanent marker to create the “tiles.” Cut each sponge in half and write letters on one side. If you want children to have more options to spell, put letters on both sides. Have the children jump in and gather letters. You can limit how many they can get, for example each player gets seven letters like in the regular game. They then have to create words in a crossword format on the deck or patio. If the children are too small for that, have them spell out words and the longest word “wins.” Once a player spells a word, they jump in the water to replace the “tiles” they used.

Create A Water Wall

This project is great if you don’t have access to a pool or a beach. Children love to play with water in the summer. Gather old containers like plastic bottles, buckets and bowls. Attach the containers in different directions to an old board and connect them using an old garden hose or flexible tubing. Make sure that the hoses and containers follow a path for water to flow. Have children stand above the wall and pour water from containers or use a garden hose to watch the “waterfall.” Use screws and wingnuts that allow you to change the configuration periodically to keep the children occupied. Another option is to create a water play table using funnels, PVC pipes and other objects that children can adjust and move to create their own waterfalls.

DIY Slip And Slide

Sometimes just a hose and a few household supplies are all you need to create outdoor water fun for your children. Find a large, heavy-duty contractor paint drop cloth, easily found at local department stores. Purchase u-shaped garden stakes and either large jugs of water or a garden hose. Spread the drop cloth on a hill and secure it with the garden stakes. Pour water from jugs or rest the hose at the top of the plastic. Children will slide for hours on the wet plastic. Be sure to protect your children with waterproof insect repellant if they will be sliding into a grassy area. If your children are allergic to various insects, it’s a good idea to have their medication nearby. If you’re unsure if your child is experiencing a reaction to an insect allergy, you could have them tested by professionals like Oak Brook Allergists.

Chalk Water Painting

Another fun thing to do with your children outside is create a masterpiece out of water and chalk. Save the small pieces of sidewalk chalk that are too small to use to draw on concrete any longer. Spray the sidewalk, patio or driveway with water from a hose and drop the small pieces of chalk in the water. Give the children brushes and let them paint away. The colors are very vibrant when the chalk dissolves and children love creating different designs. When they are finished, the chalk washes off them and the outdoor area easily with water.

These are just a few ideas for what to do with your children this summer to keep the boredom from setting in. On a hot summer day, water is the best way to cool off and these activities will keep your children entertained and cool for hours.

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