4 Baby-Booming Signs it is Time for Your Little One’s First Dental Cleaning


Being a new parent is a tough job, but someone has to do it. You are the fortunate person chosen to parent your little one, but no one provided you with any handbook on how to be a new mom or dad to a person completely dependent on you. You’ll make mistakes, you’ll overachieve in some areas and wonder what on earth you’re doing in others. You’ll find yourself confused, you’ll find yourself wondering what people think is so difficult about parenting, and you’ll find yourself baffled when someone asks you a question you never considered.


When are you planning on making your baby his or her first appointment with the dentist? You know he or she needs to see the dentist eventually, but it’s safe to say you probably didn’t think it was something you needed to worry about so early. Your baby probably doesn’t even have a mouth filled with teeth yet, so why would you go to the dentist? The answer is simple. It’s time to go to the dentist, and these are the signs.


Your Baby’s Teething Signs Are Excessive

Signs of teething are typical in many children, but sometimes they’re excessive. While no two children show the same signs of teething and some show no signs of teething other than a new tooth one day, excessive signs might not be positive. If your child is in serious pain and their typical teething signs are severe, call the dentist.


Your Child Is One

Your child should visit the dentist for the first time when he or she is around one. This is the best time to begin the process so your child learns proper dental health habits, oral care habits, and so our offices can find any issues before they become problematic. For example, if you’re looking for dental cleaning in Riverbank, CA for your child, it’s helpful to find an office in which you and your child feel comfortable. A dentist accustomed to working with families is always beneficial.


Your Child Suffers a Facial/Mouth Injury

Mouth injuries can occur anytime, and they’re not something you want to ignore. Even if your baby is small and doesn’t have many teeth, mouth injuries could be devastating. If your child is injured around his or her mouth, call the dentist immediately. It never hurts to check to see if your child’s teeth are intact following an accident or injury.


Your Child’s Mouth Bleeds

A little blood never hurt anyone. Your child could bite his or her cheek or lip, brush too hard, or even develop a blister. These are not uncommon problems in children. However, if bleeding is frequent, excessive, and occurs with very little reason, it might be a problem with the baby’s gums. It is imperative you call the dentist and make an appointment if this occurs. Your baby’s dental health is so important, and there is no time to waste ignoring signs of bigger problems.


Finding a new dentist for your new baby is not hard if you know what to look for. Your child’s dental health is so important. This is the time to teach them how to properly care for their teeth, to get them accustomed to visiting the dentist, and to help them learn great habits. Oral health is related to overall health, and we know you want to provide your baby with the best possible future and good health.

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  1. Thank you Lizzie for your post on 4 Baby- Booming Signs It is Time for Your Little One’s First Dental Cleaning. It so important more awareness needs to be discussed for the little teeth growing in. Many people don’t realize that teeth are so fragile from the start. I know I didn’t.

    What would you recommend to first time parents to look for when choosing a dentist?

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