3 Time Management Tips for Busy Moms


I'll admit it, finding the perfect balance of time as a busy Mom is impossible but with a few time management tricks, we can make our lives a little less stressful.

I find that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done and that directly relates to me overcommitting myself.  I've learned that having a schedule and knowing what time I can give to others helped me set boundaries and led to more productive days and doing the things I love.

3 Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

3 Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Time management can be a simple concept: plan and organize your schedule to make your time as clear and productive as possible.

I've been stuck in bad habits before and learned quickly that I had to step back and set boundaries. It might be easier said than done but if you start creating small changes today you'll be pleased with the outcome.

Wake up a Little Earlier and Take Time to Take Care of Yourself

For me, it all starts in the morning and the tone I set to the day.  You have control of the time you wake up, consider waking up a little earlier. I find that taking the first 30 – 60 minutes of the day to myself always sets me up for success!  I'll be honest I usually only get 15 minutes alone but that is more than enough time to collect myself and get ready to tackle the day.  I take a few minutes to enjoy the silence of the morning, enjoy my coffee and plan for the day ahead.

Movement is a great way to start the day and it clears your mind.  I find that when I'm able to get 30 minutes of exercise every morning I have more energy throughout the day and am able to take on the day with a clearer mind.

Take Control of Incoming Demands

When my kids were young I quickly learned that they come first, they didn't understand deadlines and commitments all they wanted was attention and usually food. If I took a few extra minutes to get them set up and happy then my day flows that much better, I still practice now that they're older by packing their lunches and getting them off to school.

Something I started doing at a young age was showing the kids they are capable of doing things themselves like getting a snack, drink, putting away their coloring stuff before they pull out the toys.  Taking a few extra minutes and allowing them to help while encouraging independence was our key to success.

Now I block out time for our morning routine and homework time.  I know that during that time I give 100% of my attention to them and nothing else matters.  This has helped me realize that blocking out chunks of time for responsibilities is the key to not overcommitting myself.

Keep a Note Book and Pen Handy

Notebooks!!  There is just something about putting pen to paper.  A good way to stay organized is to keep a notebook handy so you can write down your random thoughts, ideas, and even obligations so you can review them later!  This way you can come back to the thought when you have the time to commit to ensuring it gets taken care of whether that is scheduling in time or delegating.

Writing down your ideas and forgotten tasks in a notebook can be a powerful tool in dealing with distractions.

As busy Mom's our days are filled with errands, projects, school, business, sports, and the list goes on.  Getting organized and managing your time is a great way to feel more balanced and set yourself up for success!

What's your #1 time management tip?

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