3 Reasons Why a Family Camping Trip Is a Really Great Idea


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The modern world provides a near-endless array of opportunities for you and your kids to stay entertained. The morning cartoons of recent times have given way to 24-7 access to cartoons via internet services such as YouTube.

Videogames have never been more abundant, exciting, or easily accessible across all age ranges, and with a large number of children having access to their own digital devices, or to those of their parents, the opportunities for killing time are limitless.

Then there are all of the, often genuinely fun, engaging and exciting real-world experiences a child can have in the city. Escape room games come to mind.

In such a busy and dynamic world, is there still a place for a good old-fashioned family trip into nature?

Absolutely, and it may be more of a great idea today than ever before. Here are some reasons why.

It will give you time and space to talk and laugh

As we had just touched on a moment ago, the modern world is pretty hectic, to say the least. Even when we, or our kids, are having a good time with the preoccupations of everyday life, it is very likely that we will find ourselves not having as much time to communicate and interact with our loved ones as we’d really like.

A camping trip with the family doesn’t just make it easier to find the time and space to talk and laugh with those we love; it makes it obligatory.

Instead of seeing the kids (or your partner, for that matter) for a few hours a day, you’ll spend each hour of the day with them, hiking, seeing the sights, cooking, telling stories, joking, and playing games together.

It’s a fantastic educational opportunity for the kids

Children learn about the world around them in a variety of ways, but perhaps one of the most fundamental ways they become educated about their surroundings, is by directly engaging with their surroundings.

Classrooms are notoriously dull. Good books can, of course, be far more engaging but still lack the direct connection to the physical world that kids often find so engaging.

Walking around nature presents the perfect opportunity not only to bond with your kids, but also to teach them some lessons about the world. What do trees breathe? What are clouds made of? Why do birds like to sing so much? It might be worth brushing up on your encyclopedia before heading out.

It’s a great chance to unwind

Stress doesn’t just afflict hard-working individuals; it afflicts everyone, our families included. Our children included.

No matter how much we might want to ensure that life is as peaceful and positive as possible for those we love, it’s inevitable that sooner or later some interpersonal issue, bad hair day, or playground drama will cause a degree of tension and bad feeling among members of the household.

When this happens, one of the best solutions is simply to remove ourselves from our normal environments and to get out into mother nature, to listen to the birds singing, breathe in some fresh air, and relax.

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  1. Mountain Mike on

    Family camping is the absolute best! It’s great for the parents to relax and the kids to experience the joys of the great outdoors.

    Another thing I love about it is it makes time go by slowly, and I mean that in the most wonderful way. In our day to day lives weeks or even months can go by in what feels like the blink of an eye. With family camping, everything slows down and we can actually enjoy each others company.

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