3 Quick and Easy Kids Crafts for Independence Day


There are plenty of fun ways that you can craft your way into the 4th of July. If you are looking for some great Independence Day craft ideas, we have some for you. But, before you look at those options, all you have to do to come up with your own is to think about the day, the reason for the day, the colors and the fun it will offer. There are plenty of things that you can do to make this day truly amazing. If you are ready to celebrate, here are a few craft ideas to take into consideration. You can find full details on how to make them throughout the web or use your own creativity.

3 quick and easy crafts for independence day

3 Quick and Easy Kids Crafts for Independence Day

The Pinwheel. Nothing shouts Happy 4th like the pinwheel.

Making them is simple, all you need is a sheet of paper, a pushpin, scissors and a pencil!  Print a copy or two of the Simple Pinwheel Template and follow these instructions:

  1. Cut out the square and color the front and back.
  2. Cut along the dotted lines towards the middle.
  3. Use a pushpin to poke holes in the center and corners of the pinwheel.
  4. Fold the corners into the middle, lining up the holes. Secure on top of the pencil with the pushpin.
  5. Your pinwheel is ready to blow in the wind, or by blowing air on it!

Simple Pinwheel Template

Flags. Flags are the most traditional of ways to celebrate the 4th.

For a simple design, have your child color a picture of the flag on a piece of paper. Then, attach one side of the flag to popsicle sticks for a pole and they have a great looking flag to wave!

Stars. Another great way to show your pride is with stars.

Have each child decorate paper stars on the front and the back in a wide range of designs. Anything goes! Then, place a small hole through the top of each and string them together. This makes a great banner or the perfect decoration for around the table.

You can find lots of fun craft projects for the 4th of July. Just getting out the red, white and blue finger paint and letting them go at it is enough to make this a very special celebration of the 4th of July!


What's your favorite 4th of July craft project?

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