24 Ways To Cut Car Insurance

  1. Change your job title

Your occupation impacts the price you pay for your insurance premiums and the less risky a job is the lower the premium. A careful choice of the words you use to describe your job could reduce the price you pay for insurance premiums.

2. Downgrade your car

Did you know that it is cheap to insure cheap cars with smaller engines while it is expensive to insure rare expensive cars? This is why it may be a good idea to consider downgrading your car to help you save money.

3. Increase your excess

Choosing a higher excess is a good idea as it can reduce the cost of insurance premiums as your insurance provider will not have to pay so much in case of a claim.

4. Shop around

Shopping around for car insurance can help you save a lot. Keep in mind that there is stiff competition in the auto insurance industry and it is a good idea not to automatically renew. Why don’t you give the Yahoo Finance car insurance engine a spin? Try Money Expert for cheaper insurance.

5. Ask your insurance provider to beat the best quote you have found

Asking this question will not cost you anything. In fact, it is less hassle than switching.

6. Trim off any unnecessary extras

For instance, why should you pay extras such as ‘free car hire’ while your car is being fixed if you don’t need it?

7. Add a driver to your policy

Adding a named driver can reduce your car insurance policy can help reduce your premiums. If the additional driver will not be driving the car, then this will reduce the premiums.

8. Get married

Married drivers usually pay less as insurance providers see them as ‘stable’.

9. Move in with your partner

Just like married drivers, a person who has moved in with his or her partner is seen as stable and pays less premiums.

10. Gather your quotes 28 days and one day before renewal. Typically, quotes are valid for 28 days and you can revert to your original quote if prices go up before your renewal date.

11. Broaden your search

Some of the insurance providers such as Aviva and Direct Line don’t appear on car insurance price comparison websites and it may be a good idea to go directly to these insurance providers to compare quotes.

12. Consider a ‘pay as you drive’ scheme

Some of the schemes like AA Drivesafe fit a device to cars to help an insurance provider know how much drive. And the less you drive, especially at risky times such as nighttime, the less the cost of premiums you will have to pay.

13. Park your car off-road or in a garage

This means that your car will be less likely to be stolen hence making it cheaper to insure it.

14. Make your car more secure

You can reduce the cost of your premiums by adding an alarm, immobilizer, and tracker to your car as it will be more secure.

15. Avoid spending a lot on hire car insurance getting car hire excess insurance is a better way to reduce your excess than buying a costly add-on from firms offering car hire services.

16. Get a multi-car discount

Some insurers such as Privilege, Admiral, and Direct Line offer a discount if you insure more than one car.

17. Pay for your insurance upfront

Insurance providers usually charge as much as 20% extra if you wish to pay off your premium in monthly installments.

18. Get a 0% on purchases card

Pay upfront for your insurance using the market leading 0% purchases card. This will enable you to pay it off gradually without having to pay any interest.

19. Enroll for an advanced driving course

If you take the Pass Plus training course, you could end up shaving 30% off your car insurance premium.

20. Reduce your cover

Those who have an old banger that is on its last legs should choose third party cover than choosing a comprehensive cover.

21. Declare whether you have made any claims

If you have not claimed on your auto insurance for a year, you will get a no claims bonus which will help you reduce your premium.

22. Avoid modifications

Adding alloy wheels, spoilers or increasing the size of your engine can lead to increased premiums.

23. Assess the value of your car accurately

When getting quotes, avoid overestimating your car value as this could make you pay a lot in terms of premiums.

24. Buy online

Buying a car insurance online is cheaper than buying an auto insurance over the phone.

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