2017 Sports Events to Look Forward To!


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First: a note about the title. We’re not about to write a list of two thousand and seventeen different sports events that you should go write on your calendar. 2017 refers to the six or so months we have remaining until 2018!

Whether you’re planning on staying in and watching the events on television or even heading out there and seeing the event live, you should be in the know when it comes to the most exciting sporting events of the year.

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Tour de France 2017

The 104th edition of the Tour de France – which, despite its name, actually involves a race across several places not called France. Beginning on the 1st July and ending on the 23rd, this year’s Tour de France will be set across 21 race ‘stages’ that will span Germany and Belgium as well as France. 198 cyclists are going to be entering the race, as usual. If you manage to catch any of it, the excitement may mostly be found in the incredible settings and views rather than the cycling itself!

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The oldest tennis tournament in the world is returning this year – which should come as no surprise to anyone. Tennis manages the grab the attention of even the most unenthusiastic when it comes to sports; the speed, fury, and preciseness of its play makes it pretty hard to look away from. The prize money will total nearly £32 million, with the winner expected to walk away with something closest to £2.5 million. That certainly adds a lot more intensity to it! Getting tickets to this event can be extremely expensive – after all, no other sporting event attracts as many celebrities – but it’s a gripping event even when viewed via a television screen! It begins in early July.

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Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

This year’s NASCAR Cup Series is sponsored by Monster Energy, after a nine year run being sponsored by (and named after) Sprint. Several of the races have already taken place, as the Series is made up of several events that take place throughout the year. There are still plenty of events left to go. The most exciting will no doubt be the culmination of the series, which takes place on the 19th of November at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. There are a couple of other series, such as NASCAR INFINITY and NASCAR Camping World Truck series, which also have plenty of races left to go!

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2017 PGA Championships

If you fancy your sporting events being a little less bombastic, then the 2017 PGA Championships may very well be your thing. Taking place from the 10th of August through to the 13th, this golfing tournament is taking place in North Carolina. We still don’t know precisely who will be competing, but some very big names are expected to appear. Several past champions are also expected to show up, including Jimmy Walker, Vijay Singh, Keegan Bradley, and even three golfers who have held the World’s Number 1 spot – Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, and – of course – Tiger Woods.

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