10 Tips for Peaceful Crafting with the Kids


crafting with the kids

Are you looking for ways to keep craft time with your children simple and fun? If so, I hope you will put some of the following tips useful I know I have.

10 Tips for Peaceful Crafting with the Kids

1. Find the craft the kids want to make and then make a list of all the supplies you will need to make the craft.  I love buying new stuff to update our bin at the dollar store!

2. If you do not have everything on hand add the supplies you need to your shopping list so you will not forget them.  The right supplies for your project make it easier and less stressful on you.

3. Put a plastic table cloth or use a roll end from the newspaper to put down where you will be crafting.  This makes for way easier clean up.  A little  tip – if you phone the newspaper you can usually score a roll end for a great price and it lasts forever!

4. Have all supplies laid out before you announce craft time to your kids.  I find that setting up the location before we start always creates a less stressful environment

5. Use non-toxic paints, glues, etc.  You never know when someone might try to eat them, haha!

6. Have wet wipes and paper towels handy for spills.  We use baby wipes for everything and you can usually score inexpensive ones at the dollar store as well.

7. Always try to have extra supplies in case something is lost or torn, etc.  I usually have at least one back up of the craft ready for those uh-oh moments.

8.  Let them wear old clothes so you will not be stressed out over ruining what they are wearing.  Or create your own art smocks by using old button up shirts put on backwards!  Let the kids decorate them to fit their individual style.

9.  Show the kids how to do the craft but let them do it in their own way. If you insist on it being perfect then you might as well do the craft yourself and forget about having craft time with the kids. It also makes the children think that everything has to be perfect and that their best is not good enough. Sometimes little hands need help but you know you have gone too far when you are the only one left at the craft table.

10.  Have fun! Don't worry about a little paint on their hands & faces, take pictures instead.  Sit back, relax and be a kid again.


Some of our recent fun projects include:

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I hope these 10 tips for peaceful crafting with the kids have given you a few ideas on how to have fun and just roll with it!


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