10 Simple Steps to Hosting an Awesome Engagement Party


An engagement party should be a memorable occasion for you, your fiancé and all the people who are dear to you. It’s a time to celebrate the coming together of two families, so you want it to run as smoothly as possible and ensure that every one who attends has a wonderful time. The following ten steps will ensure that you host an awesome engagement party.

10 Simple Steps to Hosting an Awesome Engagement Party

1. Preparation

You’ve just got engaged so now it’s time to celebrate by hosting your engagement party. This is when the panic sets in for some couples. However, if you prepare properly from the start, the whole event will be enjoyable and stress-free for all involved. First of all decide who will be hosting the event. Sometimes the couple themselves take charge. In many other cases, the bride’s parents take on this responsibility. Once this has been decided you can focus on the details of the party.

2. Decide What Date You Will Have the Party

The time of year you choose is extremely important. It has to be a time that suits most guests. As well as this, the time of year you decide to host the party can affect the amount the celebration will cost.

3. Figure Out How Much You Will Spend

The amount available to spend on the party will determine where it’s hosted, what will be included and who will attend. Once you know the overall budget you can start allocating the amount you can spend on the venue, on each guest, and other expenses.

4. Make a List of Your Attendees

You can’t have an awesome engagement party without guests. This type of party is the perfect occasion to reunite with friends and family members who mean a lot to you and your significant other. These will be the people who will be attending your wedding later, so make sure you think carefully about who is on your final list.

5. Find a Suitable Venue

The venue for your party is another key factor to consider. Many couples decide to host in a home setting. Others prefer to hold their Los Angeles engagement party in a venue that specializes in this type of event. There will be different age groups attending so the venue should be able to cater for the needs of a wide range of people. Once again it comes down to personal preferences and the budget available.

6. Send Your Invitations

The quality of invitation you send says a lot about what you think of your guests. Choose high quality invitations and envelopes that are unique to your celebration. People need time to prepare for an event like an engagement party. This is particularly true for friends and family members living long distances away. These people may need to book flights and accommodation. This means they need plenty of notice beforehand. Send the invitation a month or two before the party takes place.

7. Decorating the Venue

Every party needs to be decorated in some way. Couples have plenty of options when it comes to this aspect of an engagement party. If you hold the party in a venue that’s used to catering for these events, they may be able to suggest the most appropriate décor. However, if it’s held elsewhere you will have to add the décor yourself.

8. Organize the Food and Drink

The food and drink you provide is often a talking point amongst guests after a party. Most times there’s positive feedback. Unfortunately, the food provided can often be sub-standard at many of these occasions. Make sure you choose a venue that prepares high quality food and drink. If you are using a catering company, they should also provide a high quality service. Certain people have particular food preferences or allergies. All of this has to be taken into account before you organize the food and drink for your party.

9. Research and Hire a Photographer or Videographer

An engagement party is a once in a lifetime event for most people. You want to capture this special moment through photographs or video. Hiring a professional photographer or videographer ensures that you will have a record of the great time you and those dear to you had on this special occasion.

10. Give Guests a Small Gift

Giving guests a small gift to remember the experience is a nice touch. It shows your appreciation for those who have attended, especially those who have traveled long distances to be with you. Even simple, affordable party favors show you care.

Your engagement party should be an event you remember for many years to come. Following the simple steps above will increase the likelihood that you will host an awesome engagement party.

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