10 Quick and Easy Energy Boosters


Exhausted, lack of energy and fatigue pretty much describe my life at the moment I just can't find that perfect balance of sleep.  I have to admit I've always been someone who likes to get as much sleep as they can and often feel like a nap mid day.  I've put together a list of 10 energy boosters that I've used from time to time that are quick and easy because as a busy Mom a nap isn't always possible.

10 Quick and Easy Energy Boosters

10 Quick and Easy Energy Boosters

1. Energetic music. Different types of music have different effects on us, but you can learn which are best for you by trial and error. Once you find the music that wakes you up, keep it ready.  I like to have a playlist on my phone that I can easily go to or my favorite station ready on SiriusXM.

2. Sleep better. The research seems to show that as long as you get at least five hours of sleep, the quality is more important than the quantity. Try drinking something warm before bed, or relax with a simple meditation my fav is One Moment Mediation!

3. Talk about something interesting. Have you ever seen a tired person start to talk about something they're passionate about, and suddenly “wake up”. It's a powerful technique you can use for yourself. Have a few “favorite” subjects that get you going.

4. Coffee. For some of us, caffeine makes us more tired when it's abused, but short-term, it can work wonders.

5. Deep breathing. Several slow deep breaths help oxygenate the blood supply better, and especially seems to wake up the brain.

6. Have an “energy drink”.  The verdict isn't in on most of them, but it's a cheap option to try. I seem to get something from the ones with Ginkgo Biloba in them and the Rockstar SuperSours are delicious, I may or may not be addicted 😉 .

7. Move your body. Sometimes just getting up and washing the dishes, or walking around the house helps boost energy levels.

8. Exercise. It's not a quick solution, but many people notice an increase in their energy level when they get regular aerobic exercise.  I find that by getting 20-30 minutes every morning I feel better throughout the day.  Try Jillian Michaels she offers some quick solutions but makes you work for it!

9. Hot and cold shower. Try a minute of hot water, then a minute of cold, alternating for six minutes. This isn't for those with weak hearts, but it will wake you up.  Its not for me but does work in the morning when I just can't find the energy to do anything. Incidentally, research shows that this also revs up the immune system.

10. Get outside. Often, a little sunshine and fresh air can be very energizing.  Walk around the block, play tag with the kids or just lounge in the sunshine.

The most important this is to be true to your body and do what works best for you.  I think one important thing to do is find out what's causing the fatigue and try to fix the problem but these 10 quick and easy energy boosters can give you a little pick me up when you need it 🙂 .


What's your favorite energy booster?


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