Why Do Kids Hate Water So Much?


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Being a parent is tough, especially when your kids hit 4 years old and have their own minds.  All of a sudden it’s like you are at war over the most simple tasks.  Such as having a bath.  It’s just a bath? You probably dream of taking a nice bath.  Why do they refuse to take part in something so enjoyable?

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Eating, there’s another battle we have to face everyday.  Ensuring their nutrition is top level.  From one breakfast to the next it appears they can change their powerful little minds.  Yesterday they loved mango and yoghurt, today they look at you as if you just offered them the dog bowl.  It doesn’t make sense, kids seem to put anything in their mouth, they don’t mind dirty fingers or poking lego up their noses, so why have they become so fussy when it comes to food?

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One of the biggest areas kids seem to struggle with is taking enough fluid on board.  Water especially.  Ok so water can be a little dull, but it’s not as if they know all the brilliant alternatives out there.  Like gin.  How can water be so offensive to children that they spot out refuse to drink it.  Or will only take it on board if it is served full of sugary cordial?

The truth is children love to push the boundaries and take control.  There are very few areas a child can feel in control so it’s fair to assume they adopt the right to refuse being controlled over what goes in or on their bodies.  Good for them.

So how do we win these battles?  How do we make bathtime an adventure or fill them full of water whilst fooling them to believe it was their choice? Simple, we just have to get creative.  Make them believe they want it and they are in control.

Trago have some pretty awesome smart water bottles.  These are specifically made for older people however they are quite cool.  They may just be cool enough to convince your child that drinking water isn’t at all boring.  Especially when they realise that mum is getting into it.

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There are also some ace products to make bathtime a little more fun. Like bath crayons.  Although you could also think about how they enjoy water outside of the bath.  As crazy as it sounds, getting the armbands out and saying ‘Let’s go swimming in the bath’ might just do the trick

Food is a little more complicated.  However you can easily hide certain vegetables into pasta sauces.  You could also make life a little more fun by introducing these great books from NutriKids.  Teaching children that carrots are awesome and why they are.  Or how peas can help us become stronger and braver.

Don’t be outsmarted by the kids.  Think outside the box and regain a little control.  Just ensure they feel like they are calling the shots and making the decisions and you can’t go too wrong.  Until they become teenagers.  Then there is little hope for you, sorry.

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