Top 5 Productivity Apps For Employed Mothers


Balancing work and family life can be a challenge for working moms; little chores can stack up quick and life can get busy. Fortunately, that phone of yours can be the saving grace because there are applications that make life more organized.  The top 5 productivity apps for employed Mothers is a list you will want to check out to help you manage your time easily!  I was lucky enough to have a busy Mom put together a list of her favorite apps so I can share them with you!

However, selecting from the myriad of apps promising to make your life easier can be a task in itself, so here’s a sorted list of the top productivity apps that will help you search needle in a haystack:


1.     Shoeboxed

There’s so much happening every day in your life, never mind keeping track of receipts. With Shoeboxed, you don’t have to commit anything to remembering as the app lets you scan documents, receipts, bills, property reports etc. to organize your expenses.

The created files can then be exported to Quickbooks, Excel and even the good old Evernote, so you’ll find it easy to file paperwork after using Shoeboxed.

Download Shoeboxed for Android or iPhone


2.     TaskRabbit

Employed mothers are often short of time to spend with kids, parents and peers, running errands are the last thing they want to engage in during off days. This is where TaskRabbit can be a blessing in disguise: it lets you outsource tasks like chores that you don’t want to do.

The pricing guide is based on historical prices of each task and there is also an option to make a tip through the app. TaskRabbit will also provide real time updates and the tasks can be posted from anywhere (home, office, out of town etc.) through voice recording or phone.

Download TaskRabbit for iPhone



3.     GoToMeeting

Because working mothers may not be able to keep track of all the upcoming events, GoToMeeting becomes a convenient solution. The app lets you see all upcoming meetings  and chat with other participants in just a few taps.

You can also use the app to schedule meetings and there is no limit to the number of attendees that can be designated the role of meeting organizers. Furthermore, a meeting ID can be set and sent to those who were invited to join/attend.

Download GoToMeeting for Android or iPhone


4.     ShopSavvy

Too busy with work schedule and can’t find time for price comparisons? You’re bound to rejoice with ShopSavvy. You can use it to scan a barcode on any item and then the app will search for it on the web, allowing you to make price comparisons.

Apart from price comparisons, you can also help co-workers to save money by creating lists of low product prices and sharing them over email or social media. ShopSavvy even lets you configure price alerts so you don’t miss out on intriguing offers.

Download ShopSavvy for Android or iPhone


5.     Doodle Kids

There will be times when you need silence at home to concentrate on office projects. Kids can be the nosiest batch in a family, but giving them your smartphone with Doodle Kids installed will keep them engaged, even better bring out their creative side.

And before you know it, your child might have created something memorable. Good news is that the app allows you to print and share your kid’s creation(s). So in short, both you and the children can stay productive at the same time.

Download Doodle Kids for Android  or iPhone

That concludes the list of productivity apps for employed Mothers made by a busy Mom who is just like all of us!  Hopefully you found an app or two that can make your life a little easier!

What are your regular productivity apps?

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