Three Reasons Why You Need To Start Grooming Your Dog


If you have a pet dog, you will know how incredibly rewarding it can be. Most families who own a dog can no longer imagine a life without their furry friend at their side. They bring such joy to our lives and can benefit us more than we know. For example, if you let your children and your dog grow up together, your children will learn a sense of the responsibility that comes with pet ownership. This is something that will grow into a valuable life skill – just another reason why our country just can't get enough of dogs! But obviously, it's not all fun and games. Being a ‘dog mom' means you have to keep on top of your dog's needs; whether it's food, exercise or medical care. Another important aspect of dog ownership is making sure they are regularly groomed. Just as we brush and wash our own hair, the hair on our dogs needs to be cared for too! Here are some of the top reasons why you should invest in some doggy shampoo and combs, and get grooming your pet.

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It makes them look better

Perhaps the most obvious reason of all, but yes, grooming your pet will make them look fresh, healthy and clean. You shouldn't need to wash and shampoo your dog all that often – usually just a couple of times a year, depending on if they have got dirty from rolling around in mud. Normally, just a basic dry groom with a brush will do the trick. Everyone likes to show off their dog when out and about, and keeping your dog well-groomed shows the world that it is very much loved. If you are planning to take your dog into competitions, grooming and appearance are even more important, so bear this in mind when practicing your grooming skills.

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It keeps them healthy

The fur of dogs goes through a lot on a daily basis. Grooming is a great way to keep their fur healthy and clean, and the brush strokes aerate the skin and hair, allowing for better circulation. It is also important to brush out any matted areas in the fur, as left alone, these can become dangerous and uncomfortable for your pet. A good grooming session is also the perfect chance for you to give your dog the once over – checking for any fleas and lumps in the skin. Make sure you look at a whole range of Top Dog Tips to make sure you know the warning signs of any illnesses your dog may be prone to.

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It strengthens the bond between you and your dog

Dogs are highly intelligent pack animals. It doesn't matter that you don't look anything like them and that you are all but completely hairless – they still see you as part of their ‘pack'. Therefore, any activity which mimics the behavior of other dogs in the wild will only bring the two of you closer together. Dog mothers groom their pups, so by grooming your dog, you will be creating a very strong emotional bond. It can also help reduce stress for both parties, so you can get something out of the regular grooming session too.


  1. Jarred Ladriere on

    I get my dog groomed twice a month, is that too much? It’s a complete grooming solution which includes nail trimming, eye cleaning, ear cleaning, mouth and teeth cleaning and lastly a bath. My dog spends most of its time outdoors so he gets dirty easily. He has a long coat which makes it harder to groom him, and also easier to get dirty.

  2. I think in deciding when to bath dogs depends on the type of dog and how much they spend outside, or around children with messy hands. I agree that not only is it a bonding time, but also saves so much money. Good point to bring up that it helps reduce stress.

  3. Penelope Smith on

    I liked that you talked about how you need to try to strengthen the bond between yourself your pet if you want to make grooming easier. That is a good thing for me to know because I want to get a puppy soon. So, I should talk to a veterinarian about how to best go about strengthening the bond between me and my puppy.

  4. A bed might just be a bed to you or I, but to your dog, it is their safe haven, their reserved space for rest and relaxation. A bed that is flimsy, flat or the wrong size, material, and temperature won’t attract your dog to use it, meaning you needn’t have bothered buying it in the first place.

  5. My bond with my pet pug improved a lot with me helping him take the path, shampoo him and comb his hair. He looks beautiful, shiny and smells a lot better.

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