90 day challenge

Start Your Journey – Task Thursday

I haven’t done a vlog in awhile not sure if it because I’m lazy or if I can’t think of anything to talk about so I’ve been going through my old vlogs and wanted to share this one with you!  I have been going through a lot of personal… Continue reading

First Steps of Your Journey – Task Thursday


We’re in week 1 of our 90 day journey together and this vlog for Task Thursday is all about taking our first steps!  If you missed last week’s vlog, you can view it here at Start Your Journey.  I don’t ever script my vlog I just… Continue reading

Time is Flying By – Let’s Set Some Goals

I woke up early this morning as the boys were headed out to go hunting and decided to watch a movie ALONE in BED because as a Mom this hardly ever happens and I knew that the kids wouldn’t be up for at least a few hours.  I also… Continue reading

90 Day Challenge Complete!

As I sit back and reflect at all that has taken place since I started this blog as an accountability journal for myself I honestly am amazed and what has come out of it.  Back in February I was lost in the every day routine and it took everything… Continue reading

Week 12! I’m Done Already?!

Wow, is all I can say.  I can’t believe my 90 days has come and gone, this is the final week for me but it has turned in to so much more than just the challenge for myself.  I started the blog as an accountability challenge for… Continue reading

Week #11?!

Time is flying by so fast lately and so many good things are happening that I haven’t even had time to set new goals for myself.  I guess when life is working perfectly and full of fun and exciting things we forget to challenge ourselves and stick with some… Continue reading

Week 5 and the start of April!

Wow, where has the time gone, seems like just yesterday I was wanting a new challenge and trying to get out of my comfort zone so came up with my 90 Day Challenge!  I can say a lot has changed in such a short time for me and… Continue reading


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